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Thanks for visiting our Eight Step Recovery space! Our book, 'Eight Step Recovery' will be available from January 2014 in the UK and April 2014 in North America.

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Accompanying the book there will be further led exercises and meditations that you can download. And, of course, if you’d like to get involved, try reading or listening, then post your responses. You can be sure we’ll read them and get back to you!

You can also join our Eight Step Recovery Sobriety Hangout to connect with and support each other. Or Join our Facebook page! We look forward to meeting you!

Our 21 Day Free Meditation Recovery series is still available: a series of 15 minute meditations to support you in your abstinence from addictions, compulsive behaviours, and to promote sobriety of mind. They're great if you are pushed for time to sit for longer.

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About the Authors

TED x Speaker, Valerie Mason-John (Vimalasara) is a playwright and the author of seven books, including Detox Your Heart (2005, Windhorse Publications, enhanced ebook edition 2013) and her award-winning novel Borrowed Body, republished as The Banana Kid. Her most recent pbulication The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian poetry 2013, is the first national anthology to document the voices of African Canadian poets. She works as a Bully Doctor, Life Coach and a trainer in Conflict Transformation, and Restorative Justice. Join her FaceBook page.

Dr Paramabandhu Groves is a consultant psychiatrist, specializing in addiction, and working in the National Health Service in London. He has also worked as a Core Process Psychotherapist. Paramabandhu has taught at the London Buddhist Centre for over 20 years, and is clinical director of Breathing Space, which is the health and well- being wing of the London Buddhist Centre.

Breathing Space runs mindfulness-based courses and retreats to help prevent relapse into depression (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, MBCT), and into addiction (Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention, MBRP), and to help with stress and anxiety (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR). Kindness Behaviour Training (KBT) was developed by Paramabandhu for Breathing Space as a complement to the mindfulness-based approaches. His first book, Practical Buddhism: Mindfulness and Skilful Living in the Modern Era was published in 2013 by Muswellhill Press.


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