Welcome to Eight Step Recovery Sobriety Hangout

Eight Step Recovery Sobriety Hangout
Eight Step Recovery So…
Welcome to Eight Step Recovery Sobriety Hangout. To take part, just click the green + join button above.

This group is for people who want to share their experiences of meditation, support each other in meditation, talk about how to maintain abstinence and sobriety. This is open to anyone who wants to share their hopes and fears. We encourage you to find a community of people in recovery that will support you, that could be a Buddhist, 12 step group, SMART group or a therapeutic group and of course one to one therapy.

Please do not see this as a short fast track to recovery. It has been proved that progress in recovery is supported by help, and all of these groups I have mentioned can help. What we can offer here is - a way out of suffering through Buddhism and mindfulness techniques. However there must be commitment from the person who is suffering. Daily meditation, just ten minutes a day can be a commitment, It will also be an opportunity to discuss issues that are explored in our new book Eight Step Recovery Using the Buddha's teachings to Overcome Addiction. The book will be out in January, so meanwhile this interview one of us did on Radio may inspire you and give you something to begin discussing. Radio Interview with co author of Eight Step Recovery - Using The Buddha's teachings to Overcome Addiction

This group is self facilitated. You can post on it just like you can a face book page. Ask questions, inspire, share wisdom and we hope our new book will be a new step in your recovery.

Ground Rules: In the spirit of the teachings of the Buddha - we ask that you remember loving kindness and mindfulness. If somebody says something you disagree with - take a three minute breathing space AGE. Aware of your thoughts. Gather the breath and become aware of yourself breathing. Expand the breath through out the body. Perhaps listen to one of the free meditations before responding.

Challenge the statement and not the person. Remember we are all suffering - and none of us want to suffer - we are all doing our best in the moment.

We hope that many beings will benefit from this space:

May all blessings be yours.