Eight Step Recovery - Using the Buddha's Teachings To Overcome Addiction

Recovery 2.0

On Fri, 22 January, 2016 - 06:06
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Recovery 2.0 Free to sign up. Speakers include Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John, Noah Levine, Gabor Mate, and many others.

And if you are wanting to take your recovery one step further - 8 Step recovery meetings are beginning to set up in the UK. If you live in Brighton and want to attend a meeting please let me know. If you live in Bristol and are interested please let me know too.

Also we have some great Triratna OMs teaching on Healing and Insight  Every Saturday 7pm UK time.

May you all be well. 

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I would be very interested in attending an Eight Strp Recevery Meetng in Bristol. i live in Cardiff but its esy for me to travel over the bridge.,



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hi, pls send me details of both Brighton and Bristol 8 step Recovery programmes, am sober 2 years and practice mindfullness, thanks for your blog

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my email is chaelafay12 [at] aol.co.uk pls send info on any workshops on 8 step recovery  in somerset and Brighton thanks 

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