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Dublin Buddhist Centre Chair Jnanadhara writes to say their Centre is on TV yet again!
Croydon celebrated a beautiful earthy Buddha day on Sunday with the theme of Touching the Earth of Confidence. Prajnamala and the shrine team created an amazing shrine with soil, plants and flowers surrounding an image of the Earth Goddess and the Buddha. The day led by Prajnamala, Dhammavijaya and Hridayamati explored our relationship with Mara and how to work with lossening the grip. As well as having a great turn out ad amazing shared lunch, we were really blessed by the weather and could enjoy the garden.
A lovely set of photos from our Dharma brothers and sisters in Spain, as they celebrate Buddha Day (Wesak) 2014.
David Cameron, UK prime minister, has issued this greeting for Wesak (also known as Vesak or Buddha Day. Theravadin Buddhists mark the Buddha’s birth, Enlightenment and parinirvana on this day.)

“I’d like to send my best wishes to Buddhists in Britain and around the world celebrating Vesak, the sacred festival commemorating the birth, enlightenment and the passing away (Parinirvana) of the Buddha.
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Samachitta shares this lovely gallery of images from Birmingham Buddhist Centre’s celebration of Buddha Day 2014!
This week marks the Triratna Community’s celebration of the Buddhist festival of Wesak, or Buddha Day, and The Buddhist Centre Online is the perfect place to celebrate together - to see the smiling faces of our brothers and sisters from all over the world reflecting on the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

Some centres have already held their events, and some are still upcoming, so stay tuned and +follow the Community Highlights space as we collect together any postings from around the globe. Our hope is to have a rich collection of photos, videos, audio talks and more!
It was a truly festive evening at Aryaloka Buddhist Center during our Wesak (Buddha Day) celebration on Friday, May 9th. Amala led the night with a fantastic slideshow of images depicting the Buddha’s life, which were accompanied by storytelling and narration by several sangha members who each picked a unique episode to imaginatively bring to life.
Saturday 10th May Order/Mitra Day Celebration
10.30 - 5pm

Taking the Mandala of the Five Buddhas as the focus, with meditation, reflections on the qualities of the Buddhas and a puja with origama flower offerings. Bring vegetarian food to share, lunch at 1pm.

Sunday 11th May Buddha Day Festival, all welcome
10.30 - 5pm

Meditation, chanting, watching a talk on Recollecting the Buddha by Vajratara, mitra ceremonies and a festive puja.
With childrens activities at 12pm and 2pm.
Bring vegetarian lunch to share.

Buddha Day 2013 has come and gone, with celebrations of the Buddha’s Enlightenment around the Triratna Buddhist Community - many of them recorded in one form or another on The Buddhist Centre Online. Click here for a round-up of what we know about!