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In the Footsteps of the Buddha - Seven New Talks by Nagasiddhi

On Fri, 28 May, 2021 - 22:04
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Free Buddhist Audio

As a launch series for Free Buddhist Audio on YouTube, a wonderful new set of talks given by Nagasiddhi. We are taken through seven key stages of the Buddha’s mythic quest, from his unsure setting out, through his wrong turnings, his breakthroughs and his decision to share what he had learned with others. A perfect way to celebrate Buddha Day as Nagasiddhi brings his infectious sense of imagination, play and grounded experience to bear on a story that’s always made new in the retelling.

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The seven talks are: 
01 Rites of Passage
02 The Four Sights
03 Going Forth
04 Giving Up Asceticism and the Rose Apple Tree
05 Stabilising the Insight
06 The Awakening
07 The Decision to Teach

Watch Mandarava’s magical retelling of the Buddha’s tale - with puppets!

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