Fourth Decade: 1955-1965

Listen to the whole interview. Or to excerpts below.

NB. There was a fault on the original recording here where parts of words and sentences throughout were cut off. We’ve restored most of the sense of what Sangharakshita and Saddhanandi were saying but it’s a bit jumpy in parts.

Object 1: A contemporary Indian Newsletter

The front Cover features an image of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Sangharakshita discusses his contact with Dr Ambedkar and the movement for the emancipation of the Dalit people (ex-Untouchables) from the oppression of the Hindu caste system via conversion to Buddhism.

Object 2: A special Robe from Dhardo Rimpoche

Here Sangharakshita evokes living in Kalimpong and his contact with Tibetan teachers. He also describes his years alternating between spending time lecturing about the Dharma on the Indian plains, and pursuing poetry and reading back home.


Object 3: A copy of the London A to Z

We hear about Sangharakshita’s return to Britain in 1965 and the subsequent formation of a new Buddhist movement.