Second Decade: 1935-1945

Listen to the whole interview. Or to excerpts below.

Object 1: The Diamond Sutra

Translated by Edward Conze. When Sangharakshita read this at age 16 he realized he was a Buddhist and “always had been”…

Object 2: The Sutra of Wei Lang (Hui Neng)

Showing the original edition presented to Sangharakshita by the Brighton chapter of the Western Buddhist Order.


Object 3: An Article from The Middle Way Journal

Sangharakshita’s first article published in 1944 on the ‘Unity of Buddhism’, written when he was 18 years old.

Object 4: Amida Buddha Rupa

A small copy of the famous Kamakura Buddha in Japan. This was the first Buddha statue given to Sangharakshita when he became a Buddhist.