Fifth Decade: 1965-1975

Listen to the whole interview. Or to excerpts below.

NB. There was a fault on the original recording here where parts of words and sentences throughout were cut off. We’ve restored most of the sense of what Sangharakshita and Saddhanandi were saying but it’s a bit jumpy in parts.

Object 1: An early FWBO Newsletter

The front Cover features a photo of some members of the then Western Buddhist Order (now Triratna Buddhist Order). In remembering it Sangharakshita talks about commitment and the inclusiveness of the WBO.

Object 2: An original kesa

The kesa is given at the time of ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order. Sangharakshita evokes its origins as a symbol of that commitment and its relationship to formal Buddhist robes.


Object 3: The sign from Sakura

The original sign from outside the basement of the shop in Monmouth Street, London –  venue of the FWBO (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) during its first five years. Sangharakshita also discusses the long sabbatical he took at the end of that period.