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🎧 A Life in Verse
Sangharakshita in conversation on his poetry as autobiography and practice. A unique way to get to know one of the pioneers of modern western Buddhism.

🎬 Alfoxton: A Renovating Virtue
Watch the extraordinary, moving documentary following the seasons as a new Buddhist community restore a once great seat of English cultural heritage, weaving connections between the poetry of the Romantics, physical work and spiritual practice.

📕 Ânadi – Without Origin Ânadi – Sin Origen
A journey around the bardos of the Tibetan Book of the Dead in art & poetry. Beautiful illustration and evocative poetry in an online exclusive!  | Un viaje por los bardos del Libro tibetano de los muertos en arte y poesía. Preciosas ilustraciones y poesía evocadora en una exclusiva en línea. 

🇮🇳 Doctor Ambedkar + Sangharakshita: Bringing the Dharma Back to India
The story of a remarkable collaboration between the great liberator of India’s ex-Untouchable Dalit people and the founder of Triratna during his formative years as a Buddhist.

🎧 Fifty Years, Fifty Voices
Celebrating 50 years of the Triratna Buddhist Order (1968-2018). Listen to tales of joy, struggle and Dharma practice as a community comes of age.

📙 Great Faith, Great Wisdom: the Making of a Beautiful Book
Ratnaguna on the Pureland tradition of Buddhism – its consolations and its delights. A wonderful testament to Dharma practice devoted to the deep cultivation of love for all beings.

🎧 Nine Decades – A Life In Objects
Sangharakshita at 90 exploring a life in the Dharma. A fascinating series of relaxed conversations with Triratna’s founder reviewing his long years as a Buddhist and the objects that have carried profound meaning for him on the journey.

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