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Mitra Support

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Welcome to our new group for Mitras in the Triratna Buddhist Community! This is a space for Mitra support generally, and a hub for those taking part in the Dharma Training Course for Mitras to get resources, and discuss and give feedback on the course.

Once you have finished a course module, come to this group to discuss it! You can also leave any comments and suggestions for the module. Start a new discussion anytime by choosing + discussion from the posting bar. You can see a list of all discussions under the discussions menu. You can also use the filter button to see specific kinds of resources (videos, talks, etc.). If you need to search, just use the main site search top right of any page.

Sharing in this space
We’d really encourage you to share what worked well for you for each module, as well as any challenges you encountered. Please don’t use this space to promote your own Dharma teaching or share general resources that are off-topic - this is an intentional space where we can genuinely connect with each other and specifically with the material in the course. If you have something to share, please make sure it’s on the basis of your own practice and is relevant to the topic under discussion. For more general Dharma sharing, you can use our main Facebook page, which has an open sharing policy. Please review our Community Guidelines to get a feel for the spirit we’d like to foster in this space.

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Here are quick links to the study material for each year:
Course Guide for Students  |  Year One  |  Year Two  |  Year Three  |  Year Four

Printed Books of Course
Hardback book versions of the student notes are available

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