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New Podcast: Safeguarding In The Triratna Buddhist Community

On Sat, 18 February, 2017 - 14:52
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Welcome to a new year of podcasts from The Buddhist Centre Online!

We’re delighted to welcome our first guest via Skype, Munisha, Triratna’s European Safeguarding Officer, to discuss some strong work in an ever-changing field of care. A fascinating look at what’s involved in contemporary safeguarding, how it relates to controversies of the past, and the challenges posed by the need to have an international approach in an online age. 

What comes across most clearly is Munisha’s deep sense of integrity and compassion. We get to hear what supports her in sometimes difficult, lonely work, and how her own Buddhist practice has been strengthened by taking on the role of being a protector for the vulnerable in our community.

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