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First Ever Online Mitra Ceremony

On Wed, 27 July, 2016 - 20:47
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*UPDATE* You can now watch a great short film about the event on Triratna News.

To watch again as-live, please view via Facebook Videos. You will need a Facebook account to watch this.


Finding a video of a Mitra ceremony from the past this week seemed a good prompt to let you know about a further step into a digitally connected future with our first ever online Mitra Ceremony

Our friend Brian Groves has been attending twice-weekly meditation sessions on The Buddhist Centre Online for the past couple of years. He lives in Modena, Italy, and asked to become a Mitra (by paper letter!) a while ago. We’re delighted to announce that his Mitra Ceremony will take place on August 23rd at 7.30pm in the Brighton Buddhist Centre, England. If you’re in the area, come along and support Brian. And if you’re not, as befits a Mitra in a primarily online context, we’ll be streaming his ceremony live. :)

Tune in via Periscope by checking our Twitter account for details of the stream (we’ll post them here too). You don’t need a Periscope or Twitter account to watch!

We’ll also stream on Facebook Live. You will need a Facebook account to watch this stream.

We will post the live links to both streams on the day on social media after 7pm UK / 2pm EST.

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