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There has been a lot of discussion about our past as a community over the past two years, both within Triratna and among those interested in us, much of it online. The topics mainly stem from the early days of Triratna (or the FWBO, as it was then called) and include concerns around some of the past sexual activity of Sangharakshita, the founder of Triratna, and some of the ideas that influenced people’s behaviour.

Understandably, there is a wish to know what happened and what has been done to address whatever was unskilful or unhelpful, to respond to anyone who suffered as a result, and to ensure real change has taken place. Online discussion enables information and debate to be shared widely and rapidly, but the information can be contradictory, and the debate become polarised. We want to acknowledge the problematic aspects of our past, while not wanting to dismiss so much that is positive in what Sangharakshita and so many of us have managed to bring into being over the first 50 years of our community.

Read the Triratna Controversy FAQ document

In response to this situation, in early February six Order members with responsibilities across Triratna began to meet regularly at Adhisthana. At first we simply wanted to share our impressions of what was happening in our various areas of responsibility, but we found it so helpful we decided to continue meeting, and to call ourselves the ‘Adhisthana Kula’.

We want to do what we can to encourage the sharing of actual experience, and to help provide clear information. That involves promoting as much face-to-face discussion as possible, as well as supporting discussions taking place online. Our hope is that people will then be able to draw their own informed conclusions. We are also concerned that there are people whose painful experience as a result of these issues has not been sufficiently heard or responded to; we need to address that, and are doing what we can to create the conditions for lasting reconciliation in Triratna.

We will be posting regularly as we continue to meet, and welcome people to contact us on kula@adhisthana.org.

with metta,
Saddhaloka, Parami, Lokeshvara, Dhammarati, Mahamati, and Ratnadharini

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