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Triratna Resources

Dharma Teaching - Beginners Buddhism: Aspects of Mindfulness, Approaching Life as Learning (Dhammaloka)

By Centre Team on Sun, 17 Jul, 2016 - 01:06

Aspects of Mindfulness: Approaching Life as Learning

  • A one-page outline of the three majors aspects of mindfulness: present-moment awareness, clear comprehension, and diligent choice
  • More on the four dimensions of clear comprehension
  • Chinese-English version of the two handouts
Triratna Resources
Triratna Resources

Dharma Teaching - Beginners Meditation: Six-Week Foundation Course and Practice Diary (Maitreyabandhu)

By Centre Team on Sat, 16 Jul, 2016 - 22:35

This is a six-week foundation course based on a practice diary. This course aims to support people in establishing a meditation practice, breaking down teaching into day-by-day experiential exercises and reviewing how the meditation is going. The materials include a meditation diary, handouts with reminders of the practice, and Teachers Notes. Developed by Maitreyabandhu and peer-reviewed by the Lighting the Flame Group.

Notes on the Practice Diary

This post introduces the context for using the Diary in a course you are leading.

1. Aims

Dharmagiri Retreatcenter
Dharmagiri Retreatcenter

Mindfulness and the illumined imagination

By Viryabodhi on Mon, 3 Sep, 2012 - 21:47

retreat med Maitreyabandhu
9 – 13 March 2011
Dharmagiri retreatcenter

Här är ljudfilerna till Maitreyabandhus föredrag på retreaten. Tack till Johan (Bodhisakta) för den första, om Honeyball-suttan och naturen. 

1. Mindfulness and Nature

2. Imagination and the aesthetic

3. Questions and answers – the aesthetic dimension

4. Mindfulness and imagining the Truth

5. Mindfulness and the...