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Alive in Nature! An Invitation (The Dharma Toolkit Podcast, Episode 39)

On Mon, 3 May, 2021 - 23:32
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A special episode of the podcast to invite you to Alive In Nature! - a series of live meditations and Dharma adventures from the Scottish Highlands!

Find our more and reserve your space on Alive In Nature!

For three Saturdays in spring or autumn - whichever hemisphere you are in, whatever state of lockdown you’re living through - you’re invited to sit with us and the amazing team from the Dhanakosa community in the birch woods of the Scottish Highlands. And to find your own “micro-adventure” in nature - in your own way, at your own pace (even if it’s looking out your window!). 

By way of introduction to this experience, in this episode we go on a walk over the hillside at Balquhidder in the beautiful Trossachs region. The burn (brook) runs down the mountain through cataracts and waterfalls to the loch (lake) below; the snow in the pine forest crunches underfoot as we climb with Nayaka to a place of owls and foxes and roe deer…

As he walks, Nayaka reflects on his own experience of a reciprocated relationship with nature, where our own being is invited in. A relationship in which our aliveness and the aliveness of the world around us are not two separate things; where letting go can happen, where emergence can arise.
The sense of love and sheer delight is so strong here - and you are invited in!

Come to Alive in Nature!


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Here is the podcast as a mp3 file.