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The Travellers from Orissa – Countdown to #buddhaday – 5 days to go...

By akasajoti on Mon, 4 May, 2020 - 22:01

The Travellers from Orissa – Countdown to #buddhaday – 5 days to go...

By akasajoti on Mon, 4 May, 2020 - 22:01

As a special treat for you all this week as we countdown to #buddhaday we will be releasing a series of dharma reflections each day…⠀

Here, Maitreyabandhu reads us a poem from his second collection called Yarn.

According to tradition, two travellers met the Buddha just after his enlightenment and became his first disciples, Tapussa and Bhallika. They disappear from literature after that point, and the Travellers from Orissa is a long dramatic monologue, written by Maitreyabandhu, imagining their story.

Make some space and sit comfortably...

College of Public Preceptors
College of Public Preceptors

A Buddhist Perspective on the Pandemic: Maitreyabandhu + Jnanavaca

By akasajoti on Tue, 24 Mar, 2020 - 10:49

A Buddhist Perspective on the Pandemic: Maitreyabandhu + Jnanavaca

By akasajoti on Tue, 24 Mar, 2020 - 10:49

Jnanavaca and Maitreyabandhu, in the weekly Dharma night class at the LBC, offer their reflections on our current predicament. Together, in conversation, they explore some dharmic perspectives on our experience of our lives and the world in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: A Measuring Worm

By Sadayasihi on Thu, 30 Jan, 2020 - 14:00

Maitreyabandhu draws out the deeper meaning and finer detail of the poem entitled A Measuring Worm, by Richard Wilbur. In the full talk entitled A New Knowledge of Reality-Buddhism and Poetry, Maitreyabandhu discusses five different poems, each around the theme of death, with the final poem focusing on spiritual rebirth.

By discussing the background of the poems and poets, the intricacies of their structure, and bringing in a Buddhist interpretation of the themes raised in...

Wellington Buddhist Centre
Wellington Buddhist Centre

Three Poets at City Gallery

By akashagarbha on Mon, 18 Feb, 2019 - 23:14

In December there was an enjoyable evening at Wellington City Gallery with Maitreyabandhu from the London Buddhist Centre. He was talking with two Wellington poets, Bill Manhire and Jenny Bornholdt, who were reading and talking about their poetry.

Click on the link below to listen.

Dublin Buddhist Centre
Dublin Buddhist Centre

Maitreyabandhu at Poetry Day Ireland 2018

By Sadayasihi on Wed, 25 Jul, 2018 - 18:06

Maitreyabandhu discusses his childhood, forbidden love, his path to writing poetry and what Buddhism can learn from poetry (and what poetry can learn from Buddhism) in this wide-ranging interview with Jnanadhara, the chair of the Dublin Buddhist Centre. 

He also reads a selection of his poetry - including from a forthcoming book on the painter Paul Cézanne - as part of this special evening held as part of the programme of events during the 2018 Poetry Day Ireland festival.


Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: A Conversation About Poetry

By Sadayasihi on Mon, 2 Apr, 2018 - 12:00

In this Dharmabyte podcast, “A Conversation About Poetry “, from Maitreyabandhu’s Book Launch of his two new books: The Journey and the Guide; and Yarn, a new collection of poems.

In conversation with Visuddhimati, he discusses his life, his writing, and stresses the importance of making time to do nothing. At the North London Buddhist Centre, 28th September 2015.

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Triratna Resources
Triratna Resources

Dharma Teaching - Level 3 - The Journey and The Guide/Maitreyabandhu

By mokshini on Wed, 21 Feb, 2018 - 17:56

To get a sense of how this course works it may be best to read the document   tjtg_teachers_overview_week_one.docx first  - written by Maitreyabandhu it gives an introduction to the course 

File NameSize
jg_week_one_overview_v2.pdf126.79 KB
jg_week_2_-_mandala_of_integration_v1.pdf277.44 KB
jg_week_3_positive_emotion_v1.pdf220.02 KB
jg_week_4_positive_emotion_v1.pdf279.69 KB
jg_week_5_review_of_integration_positive_emotion_v1.pdf311.83 KB
jg_week_6_spiritual_death_v1.pdf226.52 KB
jg_week_7_spiritual_death_v1.pdf220.96 KB
jg_week_8_spiritual_rebirth_v1.pdf222.02 KB
jg_week_9_spiritual_rebirth_part_2_v1.pdf180.32 KB
jg_week_one_overview_v1.pdf118.56 KB
continuing_the_journey.docx106.22 KB
continuing_the_practice_-_postcards.docx50.85 KB
the_five_reflections.docx59.82 KB
the_guest_house_by_rumi.docx67.51 KB
the_ideal.docx47.84 KB
week_7_spiritual_rebirth.docx156.49 KB
week_eight_spiritual_rebirth_notes_v1.docx133.93 KB
week_nine_summary.docx119.57 KB
the_more_loving_one.docx79.02 KB
tjtg_teachers_overview_week_one.docx122.95 KB
tjtg_week_one_handout_one_v1.docx95.78 KB
tjtg_week_one_handout_two_v1.docx95.21 KB
tjtg_week_one_home_practice_v1.docx72.69 KB
tjtg_week_two_flipchart_v1.docx44.84 KB
tjtg_week_two_home_practice_v1.docx69.78 KB
tjtg_week_3_home_practice_.docx64.33 KB
tjtg_week_three_flipchart_v1.docx49.74 KB
tjtg_week_three_home_practice_v1.docx65.11 KB
tjtg_week_four_flipchart_v1.docx64.19 KB
tjtg_week_four_home_practice_v1.docx75.71 KB
tjtg_week_five_flipchart_v1.docx92.2 KB
tjtg_week_five_home_practice_v1.docx80.69 KB
tjtg_week_six_flipchart_v1.docx47.48 KB
tjtg_week_six_a_recap_on_terms_flipchart_v1.docx59.55 KB
tjtg_week_seven_flipchart_v1.docx60.26 KB
tjtg_week_seven_home_practice_v1.docx87.16 KB
tjtg_week_eight_flipchart_v1.docx67.19 KB
tjtg_week_eight_home_practice_v1.docx84.39 KB
tjtg_week_nine_flipchart_v1.docx67.15 KB
tjtg_teachers_notes7final.pdf278.69 KB
College of Public Preceptors
College of Public Preceptors

Ordinations at Padmaloka September 2017

By Saccanama on Sun, 1 Oct, 2017 - 18:00

Ordinations at Padmaloka September 2017

By Saccanama on Sun, 1 Oct, 2017 - 18:00

Ordinations at Padmaloka

The following men had their public ordination on Saturday 30th September at Padmaloka

Public Preceptor Surata:

Terry Diffey becomes Prasannamanas
Name meaning: He whose mind is clear
Private Preceptor: Yashodeva

Public Preceptor Satyaraja:

Lindsay Robertson becomes Akashavajra (long first and second a)

Triratna Resources
Triratna Resources

The Journey and the Guide - Teachers' Notes

By Nandavajra on Fri, 2 Jun, 2017 - 15:31

‘The Journey and the Guide’ teacher’s notes

These very helpful notes, compiled by Maitreyabandhu, are a guide for people running an eight week course based on his excellent book ‘The Journey and the Guide’

Get more resources for this course at the Sikkha project

File NameSize
Journey and Guide teachers notes278.69 KB