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25% off selected paperbacks for Sangha Day

On Mon, 15 November, 2021 - 11:55
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As you may know, Sunday 21st November is International Sangha Day. To celebrate, we’re offering 25% off five paperbacks on the themes of friendship, communication and the spiritual community. The discounts will end on 6th December.

What is the Sangha? The Nature of Spiritual Community by Sangharakshita

Was £11.99, Now £8.99

In Buddhism, the sangha is the free association of developing individuals choosing to help each other along the path. In What is the Sangha? Sangharakshita suggests that to explore the nature of spiritual community is also to examine what makes us true individuals. 

Thicker than Blood: Friendship on the Buddhist Path by Maitreyabandhu

Was £9.99, Now £7.49

A book about friendship – both the Buddhist ideal of spiritual friendship and the author’s personal experience. By turns moving, funny and inspirational, Maitreyabandhu’s account is as compelling as a good novel.

Hello at Last: Embracing the Koan of Friendship and Meditation by Sara Jenkins 

Was £9.99, Now £7.49

Sara Jenkins explores practices of meditative communication and engaged mindfulness that bridge the gap between meditation and social interaction.

I’ll Meet You There: A Practical Guide to Empathy, Mindfulness and Communication by Shantigarbha 

Was £11.99, Now £8.99

‘An excellent book on empathy that teases out the centrality of this value in Buddhism as the foundation for the cultivation of compassion and loving-kindness.’ – Stephen Batchelor, Buddhist teacher and author

Dear Dinoo: Letters to a Friend by Sangharakshita

Was £8.99, Now £6.74

A collection of letters which are the product of a friendship between Sangharakshita and Dinoo Dubash, who established one of the first Montessori schools in India.

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