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About Us
We have all been members of the Triratna Buddhist Order for many years, with long standing friendships between ourselves and with other members of the Order and Community.

Bhante Sangharakshita once said that what links the Order is ‘a shared understanding of going for refuge’, and this is very much how we see our work: deepening a mutual understanding of what it means to go for refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha for the benefit of all beings and sharing that understanding with others. 

“Tradition is the handing on of the flame, not the worship of the ashes.”
Gustav Mahler

Our main job is overseeing the Triratna ordination process, but we also see our role within the Community as passing on the spirit of the Triratna Buddhist Order by preserving, sustaining, developing and communicating Bhante’s particular presentation of the Dharma.

And, we work closely with the Triratna Order and Community to balance the increasing cultural and social diversity of the Order and Community with the need for unity and a common way of practicing together.

How all this happens practically can depend on the resources and interests of individual College members, but includes participating in retreats for Mitras training for Ordination, giving talks at Triratna centres, modelling and developing kalyana mitrata and training Private Preceptors.

One of the most important ways in which we maintain our focus is by meeting together at Adhisthana twice a year for periods of ten days. During these meetings we discuss the different areas of the ordination process we are directly involved in, explore matters of principle and practice, and study and meditate together.

While some of the meeting involves all of us together, we also do quite a lot of our work in ‘kulas’: small groups of us that consult together about ordinations, Private Preceptor consultations and our work and practice as Public Preceptors.

The College currently has 34 members. While the majority live in the UK, others are based in continental Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Together we work in all those countries where the Triratna Buddhist Community has a presence.

The only member of the College who receives on-going support from the College for their work is the Chair – a number of Public Preceptors are supported by the retreat centres in which they work, and all other College members volunteer their time, energy, and money in service.

About this site
In addition to providing information about the College of Public Preceptors, this site has a range of resources and materials for people who are interested in learning more about the Triratna Order and Community, Friends, Mitras and Mitras who are training for Ordination.

The Resources page includes information on how you can support the work of the College, the College’s working practices, some key articles and publications, a current list of Public Preceptors and Private Preceptors and material for friends of the Community who are thinking about becoming Mitras or Mitras who are considering asking to train for Ordination.

As the site evolves there we will also be posting a range of talks and videos from members of the College that relate to the work that they do and the key principles that unify the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.

You can contact the College using the following email - collegeassistant@adhisthana.org 



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