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Notice of the Adhisthana Kula Report: Addressing Ethical Issues in Triratna

On Tue, 15 September, 2020 - 21:57
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The Adhisthana Kula arose from a wish to acknowledge openly and respond effectively to issues from Triratna’s past. The members of the Kula worked together over the course of nearly four years to review historical difficulties in our community and find ways to address their lasting consequences. Towards the end of 2019, we published an update on the Adhisthana Kula webspace, stating an intention to summarise the work, making it clear what had been done so far and outlining next steps. It was a complex piece of work and has taken longer than was intended, but we wanted to notify you that the report has now been published, and you can read it here:

This report shares what we’ve found and what we’ve done in response, and though it will be an important step in our community’s engagement with these issues, we recognise that the work is not finished. With the publication of this report, the Adhisthana Kula is stepping aside and Triratna’s International Council Steering Group is commissioning a working group to oversee the next phase of this process.

This will involve receiving and responding to comments through consultation with the Order, using the Order Convening networks and Chapters as appropriate; as well as continuing to engage actively with past areas of difficulty or harm, and ensuring that we have robust systems in place to respond to whatever arises.

Centre Chairs, Presidents, Ordination Teams, and Public Preceptors have been notified of the publication of the report in order that they can engage with the material in their own fields of responsibility and networks. And, at the Mitra Convenors meetings in October they will discuss how to create contexts for Mitras to engage with and respond to the report.

Anyone who has comments and questions can contact the working group who will oversee the next phase of this work at next.steps [at]

We are committed to responding openly to any difficult issues within Triratna, and we encourage anyone else who has been hurt or harmed in any way to come forward. 

Anyone with Safeguarding or other ethical concerns in Triratna, past or present, is welcome to email safeguarding [at]

Download a pdf of the report here.

NB. The Next Steps group are proceeding with translations of the report.