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A comment from the Triratna Buddhist Community regarding the Observer article of 16th February 2020

On Sun, 16 February, 2020 - 22:31
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The Triratna Buddhist Order is committed to acting in accordance with Buddhist ethical guidelines, including those on avoiding sexual misconduct.

We take the reports of our founder Sangharakshita’s sexual relations extremely seriously and have undertaken a great deal of investigation into what took place. We have been transparent about the findings, outlined in detail on our website: Triratna Controversy FAQ

Sangharakshita published his own apology in 2016. Although the police confirmed in 2018 that there was nothing criminal in what had been reported to them over the years, we recognise that some of his sexual behaviour was indeed unethical. As we said in a statement in 2019, we sincerely regret the harm he caused.

We are strongly committed to Safeguarding and are continually working to develop strong ethical guidelines and Safeguarding policies and procedures. We invite anyone who feels they have been affected to email our Safeguarding team at safeguarding [at]

We aspire to continue this work in a spirit of openness and empathy, in keeping with our values as Buddhists. 

Ratnadharini, Chair of the Triratna College of Public Preceptors