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Triratna Safeguarding policies and Ethical guidelines 2018

On Thu, 24 May, 2018 - 14:56
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Continuing work begun in 2013, Triratna’s Ethics kula and Safeguarding team present the 2018 updated model Ethical guidelines and model policies for Safeguarding children and adults in Triratna.

The Ethical guidelines are an internal statement of our values, complementing our model Safeguarding documents, which follow national requirements of charities in England and Wales.

These documents are made available to every Triratna Centre and Group, to use as the basis for their own documents.

Further documents are in development, concerning, for example: disability; bullying and harassment; the Safeguarding of teenagers; and confession, confidentiality and the law. (A separate group, the Trans and Gender-diverse working group, is working on policy for the inclusion of trans and gender-diverse people in Triratna.)

What is ‘Safeguarding’?
Safeguarding is the duty of legally established bodies in England and Wales to protect from harm children (under 18s) and adults who may be ‘vulnerable’ or ‘at risk’. (In Scotland it’s called ‘Protection’; similar duties may apply to Triratna centres/enterprises in some other countries.)

Who are the Ethics kula and Safeguarding team?
Triratna’s Ethics kula was formed in January 2017 to ensure that serious ethical questions could be addressed by a more senior body where they went beyond the remit of the Safeguarding team; for example where a Safeguarding concern had implications for a person’s membership of the Order.

The Kula presently comprises Saddhaloka (Chair of the College of Preceptors), Parami and Lokeshvara (Order convenors) and Jnanasiddhi (Triratna Restorative kula) as well as the Triratna Safeguarding Team (Munisha and Sthirajyoti, who are part of the European Chairs’ Assembly’s Development Team) and their voluntary Safeguarding adviser, Amaladipa, who is very senior in the criminal justice system in Britain.

The Kula is now also the place where new documents can be reviewed and discussed before going out to the Order and Movement.

It is also a clearing house for ethical concerns, ensuring that matters brought to the Safeguarding team are passed to and dealt with by the most appropriate person or body, inside or outside Triratna.

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