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Resources Around Historical Controversy In Triratna

Posted by Centre Team on Thu, 16 February, 2017 - 20:01
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Download archive updated 21st March 2017 to include: file corrections, updated version of Sangharakshita’s personal statement (with corrected translation links), Mahamati’s statements about Sangharakshita and celibacy in 2002-3 at Madhyamaloka, Munisha’s response to the Observer article, a selection of German language translations and pieces prepared by Jnanacandra, and a report on allegations around Order members in Mexico. 


A number of friends have gotten in touch to ask where they can get easy access to resources around controversy arising from Triratna’s past, including responses to allegations of historical sexual misconduct and other issues that are still discussed at Buddhist Centres and online.

Here’s a survey of all relevant public information and spaces on this site. We also encourage everyone to use the search facility too - it works well!

- Safeguarding in Triratna (under the main ‘Triratna’ menu on every page)

- Latest safeguarding policy documents for Triratna (2016)

- The Triratna Story (free eBook)

- Our Development and Values (covering historical controversy, with links to older web spaces too) 

- Communications Team response to BBC request for comment about ‘Inside Out’ (September 2016, also in archive above)

- Sangharakshita’s statement (in various languages)

- College statement (commenting on Sangharakshita’s statement)

- Responding to Triratna Controversy (Triratna News, 2017)

- Podcast: Safeguarding in Triratna

- Archive of Public Responses And Resources Around Controversy (download archive, includes Triratna Story chapters on particular historical issues).