European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults 2015

By Munisha on Thu, 15 Oct, 2015 - 09:26

*Post updated 14th April 2016*

Ensuring the sexual, physical and psychological safety of young people and vulnerable adults is an expression of the first of the Five Precepts: avoiding causing harm; cultivating loving kindness.

Mindful of their responsibilities in this area, Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly recently issued a set of model child protection policies, sent to every Triratna Centre and enterprise in Europe, and also shared with Triratna Centres around the world.

Every Triratna Centre is legally independent, responsible for its own policies. Therefore, these model policies may be adapted...

European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

Triratna Child Protection UK - for all Order members and mitras

By Munisha on Thu, 9 Jan, 2014 - 10:07

This is an updated version of this important document.

In brief:
All UK mitras and members of the Triratna Buddhist Order working with schools and other young people under 18 should either make sure they are DBS (security) checked by the Triratna Buddhist Centre they represent, or by their nearest Triratna Buddhist Centre, or make sure the school knows they are not DBS checked and that they require never to be left alone with a...

European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

Statement on Buddhist Violence against Muslims in Burma

By Munisha on Wed, 23 Oct, 2013 - 16:33

The continuing violence by Buddhists against Muslims in Burma has been viewed with dismay by many Buddhists worldwide. Non-Buddhists, familiar with Buddhism’s reputation for non-violence, have found it baffling.

There have been occasional requests from members of the public for statements from Triratna Buddhist Centres, condemning this violence.

After some considerable deliberation about the purpose and nature of such a statement, and with strong encouragement from Subhuti and our founder Sangharakshita, we have arrived at a...