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Statement on Buddhist Violence against Muslims in Burma

On Wed, 23 October, 2013 - 16:33
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The continuing violence by Buddhists against Muslims in Burma has been viewed with dismay by many Buddhists worldwide. Non-Buddhists, familiar with Buddhism’s reputation for non-violence, have found it baffling.

There have been occasional requests from members of the public for statements from Triratna Buddhist Centres, condemning this violence.

After some considerable deliberation about the purpose and nature of such a statement, and with strong encouragement from Subhuti and our founder Sangharakshita, we have arrived at a text, signed individually by Sangharakshita and a number of preceptors.

This is not a statement on behalf of the Order.

The text has been circulated widely by email and social networks. All are welcome to display or forward it.

Liaison and Communications Officer, The Triratna Buddhist Order

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