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FBA Podcast: The Art of Ritual and Descent

By Sadayasihi on Sat, 1 Dec, 2018 - 13:00

In this week’s FBA Podcast, Bhadra introduces the archetypal magician, Padmasambhava, in a talk called The Art of Ritual and Descent, given at a day for men in Bristol, UK. He uses episodes from the magician’s life to illustrate how engaging the imagination through ritual and being willing to make the journey of descent are key elements of a fruitful practice.

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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Emotion in the Spiritual Life

By Sadayasihi on Mon, 28 May, 2018 - 17:02

This Dharmabyte podcast is from our Triratna Buddhist Community founder, Sangharakshita, entitled: Emotion in the Spiritual Life.

The central problem of spiritual life is the mobilisation of our emotional energies, so that what we know can be put into practice. Energies may be blocked, wasted or too coarse, and the Buddhist puja takes us through a series of devotional moods to help liberate them.

The full talk, Poetry and Devotion...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Padmasambhava's Song

By viriyalila on Thu, 24 Oct, 2013 - 21:46
Today’s FBA Dharmabyte, “Padmasambhava’s Song,” is an excerpt from the talk “Padmasambhava and the King of Tibet” by Vajratara. Here’s another tour-de-force from Vajratara, looking to approach the great figure of Padmasambhava – the ‘Second Buddha’ – through his famous meeting with the King of Tibet. As ever, a provocative, fully engaged and fully engaging take on the Dharma and the challenges that face us on the Path.

Talk given at Sheffield Buddhist Centre, 2007
Imagining the Buddha...
Imagine the Buddha

Sevenfold Puja and Shakyamuni Mantras

By Free Buddhist Audio on Sun, 3 Jun, 2012 - 15:36
A deliciously spacious Sevenfold Puja with all the trimmings, including two beautiful Shakyamuni Mantras, recorded live on the 2012 Triratna International Retreat at Taraloka.

Including verses from the Dhammapada read in Danish and the Heart Sutra in French.
The 2012 Triratna International Retreat
The 2012 Triratna International Retreat

Introducing the 2012 International Retreat - first evening greeting, dedication ceremony and chanting

By vajragupta on Fri, 1 Jun, 2012 - 23:30
Vajragupta leading the first evening’s ritual at the retreat! Be there now (almost)!

Snatches from the first evening of the 2012 Triratna International Retreat - welcome, dedication ceremony, and some beautiful Shakyamuni chanting.