Jobs, Volunteering & Communities
Jobs, Volunteering & Communities

Job Opportunity: Development and FutureDharma Team Financial Officer / Bookkeeper

By Nandavajra on Sun, 23 Jul, 2017 - 15:36

Job Opportunity: Development and FutureDharma Team Financial Officer / Bookkeeper

The European Triratna Development and FutureDharma team is looking for a well organised and self-motivated part-time (up to the equivalent of 2 days a week) Finance Officer / Bookkeeper to cover the bookkeeping and financial management needs of the European Triratna Chairs Assembly Charity and the new FutureDharma Fund Charity. This is an opportunity to join a very effective and respected team that serves the development of the Triratna Buddhist Community in...

Buddhist Centre Features
Buddhist Centre Features

2016 Summer European Chairs Assembly

By mokshini on Wed, 31 Aug, 2016 - 09:44

At the start of the summer meeting of the European chairs of Triratna Buddhist Centres, Mokshini talks to Parina about what happens at these meetings, and why and whether Parina values coming to them. Parina is the chair of Metta Vihara, the Triratna Retreat Centre in the Lowlands (that’s the Netherlands and Belgium).

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Triratna in the Buddhist world
Triratna in the Buddhist world

Two PowerPoints about Triratna

By Munisha on Tue, 29 Mar, 2016 - 11:21

Below are pdfs of two PowerPoint presentations for talks I have given about Triratna in the last six months.

The first - What is Triratna? - is a talk I gave to the European Buddhist Union in Berlin in September 2015.

The second - Triratna in the Buddhist world - was given to Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) in January 2016.

The ECA comprises Chairs of all Triratna centres and enterprises in Europe, who meet for a week in January and July/August every year, at Adhisthana.

To further their business between meetings, they...

Triratna News
Triratna News

Growth Fund 2016 open for applications

By Munisha on Tue, 22 Mar, 2016 - 17:37

Applications are invited to the Growth Fund, closing date 9th May 2016.

The Growth Fund is a small fund made available by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) every year, for local projects leading to a growth in numbers of people having access to Triratna classes in basic meditation and Dharma.

Mokshini writes from the ECA’s Growth Fund Committee with more detail.

“This year we have a total of around £6,418 to give away in small amounts of up to £1,000 each to Triratna projects around the world (excluding India, for which Karuna...

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Growth Fund criteria211.22 KB
European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

Report on the January 2016 European Chairs' Assembly

By Nandavajra on Tue, 26 Jan, 2016 - 10:04

Report on the January 2016 European Chairs’ Assembly (by Nandavajra)

Adhisthana hosted a gathering of 35 Triratna European Centre Chairs (from 6 countries) for the winter 2016 European Chairs Assembly, from 4th to 11th January. They were joined by representatives from movement wide projects, members of the Development Team and Saddhaloka and Padmavajra from the Preceptors College.

On the second day Ratnaguna inspired and gladdened the meeting by introducing the Pure Land texts as a practice in themselves and discussing their relationship to Sangharakshita’s...

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ECA Jan 2016 business meeting849.39 KB
Community Highlights
Community Highlights

Concluding Thoughts At The End Of The ECA

By Centre Team on Mon, 11 Jan, 2016 - 18:02

A great summary of a very full week’s work and Dharma practice from Mokshini and Dassini as the great winter gathering of European Triratna Buddhists comes to an end.

As well as the overview we also hear about a special and moving ritual for one member of the assembly choosing to go deeper with the practice of simplicity and contentment in her life… A beautiful way to mark the close of a deepening kind of meeting! 

European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

ECA Winter 2016 - Podcast No.4: Ratnaghosha On 'One Sangha'

By mokshini on Mon, 11 Jan, 2016 - 17:45

An exciting idea from the Triratna European Chairs meeting at Adhisthana. Mokshini talking to Ratnaghosha, the Chair of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, on the theme of how best to celebrate our world-wide Triratna sangha. This would be both to promote unity across our sanghas as well help give those attending local Centres a sense of the internationality of our Movement which might not be obvious for those coming along. 

In fact, over the course of the next 18 months there...

European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

ECA Winter 2016 - Podcast No.3: Amalavajra on 'Awakening Money'

By mokshini on Thu, 7 Jan, 2016 - 19:19

A wee report from day 3 of the 2016 Triratna European Chairs Assembly on Amalavajra’s ‘Money Awakening’ workshop. 

As Amalavajra points out, the Chair of a Triratna Buddhist Centre is likely to be one of the more influential people in their situation - so their views on money matter. 

We look at the 8 money archetypes, and the effect of giving more and more from a position of genuine generosity as we move towards a ‘gift’ economy within Triratna - a more appropriate term,...

European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

ECA Winter 2016 - Podcast No. 2: Ratnaguna on the Pure Land Sutras

By mokshini on Wed, 6 Jan, 2016 - 23:14

At the end of the second full day at Adhisthana on the European Chairs Assembly, Mokshini and Dassini report in on a rich, full and delightful day spent in the company of Ratnaguna - an Order member who has just written a commentary on the Pure Land Sutras.

Ratnaguna shared some of his insights during the day on common themes between the Pure Land Sutras and Sangharakshita’s teaching, which underpins Dharma practice in the Triratna Buddhist Community.

We also hear why this “meeting” shouldn’t...