Read 'Four Gifts' by Urgyen Sangharakshita

I come to you with four gifts.
The first gift is a lotus-flower.
Do you understand?
My second gift is a golden net.
Can you recognize it?
My third gift is a shepherds’ round-dance.
Do your feet know how to dance?
My fourth gift is a garden planted in a wilderness.
Could you work there?
I come to you with four gifts.
Dare you accept them?

Sangharakshita on “Four Gifts”

Listen to the whole interview. Or to individual tracks below.

The tenth in a series of ten intimate interviews between Sangharakshita and Saddhanandi, reflecting on Sangharakshita’s own selections from his extensive body of poetry. In this segment they discuss the poem “Four Gifts”.

Track 1: Reading of Four Gifts

Track 2: Writing of the Poem

Track 3: The Gift of the Lotus Flower – Development

Track 4: The Practice of Service to Others

Track 5: Understanding the Need for Development

Track 6: The Gift of the Golden Net – Interconnectedness

Track 7: A Vision of Existence

Track 8: The Gift of the Garden – Cultivation

Track 10: Final Thoughts on Four Gifts