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Triratna Resources
Triratna Resources

Team Based Right Livelihood - Part 1: Resources

By mokshini on Mon, 21 Nov, 2016 - 18:46

Right Livelihood Resources 

This page contains a wealth of material on Right Livelihood as practiced in Triratna.

It contains both canonical and contemporary material, much of it coming from Windhorse:Evolution. Many thanks to Saddharaja of Windhorse and Paul Powell of Karuna (and others) for collecting it making it available.

Please also see part 2 and part 3.


File NameSize
Quoes on Right Livelihood: Extracts from Bhante’s aphorisms, lectures, seminars and written material108.88 KB
Bhante in Seminar with Windhorse Authority and the Individual288.54 KB
Bhante in Seminar 153 Q&A at Windhorse Trading1.23 MB
Bhante seminar excerpts on Sigalovada Sutta 143.65 KB
Bhante talk 051 Noble Eightfold Path Right Livelihood 158.49 KB
Bhante talk 138 authority and the individual in the new society 119.98 KB
Bhante talk Sigalovada Sutta 76.12 KB
Dhammaloka - ethical virtues in business 37.38 KB
Dhammaloka - introduction to right livelihood 43.09 KB
Jnanavaca Introd to Right Livelihood. Including an exploration of Subhuti’s five categories for Right Livelihood72.06 KB
Ratnaprabha: A compilation of traditional material on Right Livelihood Ratnaprabha, 2007 (12 pages)100.44 KB
Ratnaprabha: The five aspects of R L – Non-harming; Appropriate happiness; Growth and Awareness; Simplicity; and Service28.75 KB
Ratnaprabha notes on Communication and Kindly Speech 46.44 KB
Ratnaprabha - themes for RLH meetings:Very useful set of suggestions for themes to explore in Right Livelihood meetings 39.02 KB
Ratnaprabha: Five aspects of R L – Non-harming; Appropriate happiness; Growth and Awareness; Simplicity; and Service49.44 KB
Saddharaja and Ratnaprabha, draft version, Sept 2006 Ethos & R L course outline34.45 KB
Saddharaja work as spir practice: A major (though still draft) study of the principles of R L as practiced within W:E209.78 KB
TBRL 12-page mind-map created by Paul Powell of the Karuna Trust. Print it out, stick it together, and pin it on your wall!238.58 KB
Vajradarshini notes for 8 short talks on Dogen’s ‘Tenzo Kyokun’,(13 pages)90.52 KB
W:E ethos statement: based on 5 principles or values – generosity, ethics, personal development, collectivity and communality,34.5 KB
Ratnaghosha July 2008 spir practice, productivity and efficiency 69.3 KB