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The Tale of Tipu's Tiger

On Sun, 19 November, 2023 - 12:02
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Join us for a ‘90s story of inspired Buddhist practice in Missoula, Montana - of great friendship, fierce love, burnout and life lessons learned in the fire of idealism and spiritual adventure. There’s nothing quite like going through a big experience together - and Tipu’s was a very big one for so many people as a new Buddhist community took root in the United States. 

Founders Buddhapalita and Varada witness to the joys, trials, sacrifices and lasting consequences of starting the first (east) Indian restaurant and explicitly ethical Buddhist ‘Right Livelihood’ business in a small midwestern city. Old friends and colleagues, Aryadrishti and Viriiylila, bring their own accounts of fortitude, loss, abandonment and resolution to the reunion. Grief and cherishing, naivety and wisdom go hand in hand as we hear the tale of Tipu’s Tiger and how much it still means all these years later. 

Listen to this beautifully, sometimes achingly, resonant conversation about the good that survives long after a shared project has fallen away. Listen closely, hang onto the tail of the tiger, and you can still almost taste the best chai and channa this side of Mumbai…

Recorded in Ahuatepec, Mexico, October 2023.

Show notes

Tipu’s Chai (the legacy business, no longer owned by Buddhapalita and Varada)

Wolf Water Resources (Aryadrishti’s subsequent ethical engineering business)

This week’s guests



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Love, idealism, and learning the hard way in a Buddhist business
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I really enjoyed listening to that.  Thanks to all of you