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Buddhist Voices - Saddhajoti On Co-Creating Chintamani Retreat Centre in Mexico

By viriyalila on Fri, 30 Oct, 2015 - 00:25

Viriyalila in conversation with the wonderful Saddhajoti, whose vision of a Buddhist retreat centre rising out of barren sugar cane plantation land has been fully realized here at Chintamani, near Cuernavaca in Mexico. 

It’s a truly extraordinary achievement, and the great beauty and elegance of the place has been hugely enjoyed by all lucky enough to be attending the Triratna Buddhist Order’s 2015 Pan-American Convention. 

We hear how Chintamani - named after the mythical wish-fulfilling jewel which is a symbol for the Dharma offered...

Buddhist Centre Features
Buddhist Centre Features

Buddhist Voices - Abhayagita From Mexico On Pilgrimage And Native Ground For The Dharma

By Candradasa on Tue, 27 Oct, 2015 - 05:30

As part of our Buddhist Voices series, Abhayagita - whose name means ‘Song of Fearlessness’ - tells us (in English y en español) about her project to take women on pilgrimage from Mexico to India in the footsteps of the Buddha. En route we hear about her home country’s engagement with the Dharma, and end up in a fascinating space around Aztec and Mayan culture as fertile native soil for the Dharma to take root…

Con la traducción española.

Abhayagita -...

Buddhist Centre Features
Buddhist Centre Features

Una Ceremonia del Dedicación en Español (With a Little Bit of English!)

By Candradasa on Mon, 26 Oct, 2015 - 04:04

La Ceremonia del dedicación en español de la Convención Pan-American por la Orden budista Triratna.

The 2015 Pan-American Convention starts with a simple ceremony in Spanish to dedicate the event to the collective development of wisdom and compassion throughout the week. For the sake of all beings…

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