A Wave of Blessings

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 An International Programme hosted by Adhisthana

In April 1967 Bhante Sangharakshita founded what was to become the Triratna Buddhist Community. 54 years on, we celebrate this event and all that Bhante has given us, looking forward to how we continue to unfold his legacy in the future.

Bhante spent his last years at Adhisthana, the Place of Blessings, and we can imagine a wave of blessings spreading out from the burial mound across the world, like the waves from a pebble dropped into a pond.

A year in lockdown presented Adhisthana with the opportunity to reflect and further unfold the founding vision for the place. Those at Adhisthana have a keen sense of the worth of the words and teachings that Bhante has left us. We want to explore these treasures which reside in our library, and in the hearts and minds of those who have lived them, and bring them to life with an excitement and enthusiasm just as was around when the seminars and lectures were delivered.

The sessions are a collaboration between Adhisthana and different parts of the world, creating a bridge between the geographical areas that make up Triratna.

In the meantime, please check out their new website at adhisthana.org. Everyone at Adhisthana would be delighted to hear what you think!

cover of book: Sangharakshita, A New Voice

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To celebrate Triratna Day, until April 10th, Windhorse Publications are giving everyone a free digital copy of Sangharakshita: A New Voice in the Buddhist Tradition by Subhuti.

The author considers it one of his best works, and it offers a comprehensive account of Sangharakshita’s evolution as a thinker and teacher

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photo of Bhante's green stone

1. The Green Stone
From New Zealand 

Shared stories of Adhisthana and the green stone lineage

New Zealand 17.00 | Sydney 15.00 | India 09.30 | Europe 06.00 CET | UK & IE 05.00 |Mexico 22.00 (Fri 2nd)  | US 21.00 PST (Fri 2nd)

photo of Bhante's burial mound

2. In the Presence of the Buddha

Sit with us in the Adhisthana Shrine room with a led reflection on the Buddha and his qualities

New Zealand 19.00 | Sydney 17.00 | India 11.30 | Europe 08.00 CET | UK & IE 07.00 | US 23.00 PST (Friday 2nd)

photo of a wave

3. Triratna: A Living Tradition

Enter into the stream of inspiration, teachings, practices & responsibility that animate our tradition

New Zealand 21.30 | Sydney 19.30 | India 14.00 | Europe 10.30 CET | UK & IE 09.30

Bhante at Ajanta Caves

4. Ritual & Devotion: Words of Our Teacher

Join us in a ritual expressing gratitude and devotion towards Bhante Sangharakshita, his many words and teachings. We’ll be visiting various sites around Adhisthana and in India.

India 19.30 | Europe 16.00 CET | UK & IE 15.00 | US 10.00 EST | Mexico 08.00 | US 07.00 PST

painting depicting Eleven-Headed Kannon

5. Blessings of all the Buddhas

Opening our hearts and minds to the blessings of the Buddhas as they flow down to us and through us, through people, texts and place and out into the world

Europe 19.30 CET | UK & IE 18.30 | India 23.00 | US 13.30 EST | Mexico 11.30 | US 10.30 PST

Bhante and young Order Members

6. Young Today: Wise Tomorrow?

A session open to all: What might it mean to young people to encounter Bhante’s teaching and how will that unfold through their lives and into the future?

New Zealand 09.00 (Sunday 4th) | Sydney 07.00 (Sun 4th) | Europe 23.00 CET | IE & UK 22.00 | US 17.00 EST | Mexico 15.00 | US 14.00 PST