International Sangha Day 2020

An Online Festival Of Light


Welcome to our online festival for International Sangha Day! Scroll down to re-watch any event. 

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This event is made possible through the generosity and work of the FutureDharma donors and team, the Triratna International Council and The Dharma Toolkit from The Buddhist Centre Online.

We hope to raise £30,000 today so that our Triratna projects can continue to light up the world. If 250 of us give £120 today, or £10 per month, then we can do it!


A Programme to Light the Way

We passed the torch around the world once more – starting at dawn in the south Pacific, ending with nightfall in the north – ringing Triratna with a blaze of light in a gorgeous online festival of Dharma. From Pune to Paris, Sheffield to Sydney, friends brought he glow of their practice, the fire of their hearts – and connected with so many of us who have seen the Buddha’s bright shining and answered its call. The world has never needed more the exemplification of generosity and friendship that is the best of our sangha.

Re-live this celebration of our deep illumined connections, and let’s set our resolve together  to grow and give as a community. 🙏🏼

1. Opening ritual and dedication ceremony
From New Zealand 

We begin the festivities with a dedication and Dhardo Rimpoche mantra at the Sudarshanaloka stupa in Thames, New Zealand. We’ll then join the Wellington Sangha for a waiata (Maori song) invoking compassion and universal love, followed by a puja.

Australia 07.00 AEST + AEDT 08.00  | New Zealand 10.00 | India 02.30 | Europe 22.00 CET (Friday 27th) | IE & UK 21.00 (Friday 27th)  | US 16.00 EST (Friday 27th)  | Mexico 15.00 (Friday 27th)  | US 13.00 PST (Friday 27th)

2. How has Sangha illuminated my life? Four short personal talks from Order Members, followed by breakout groups
From Oceania (Australia and New Zealand)

With a focus on diversity in our Sangha, we will hear personal talks about how Sangha has illuminated their lives.

Australia 08.00 AEST + AEDT 09.00 | New Zealand 11.00 | India 03.30 | Europe 23.00 CET (Friday 27th) | IE & UK 22.00 (Friday 27th)  | US 17.00 EST (Friday 27th)  | Mexico 16.00 (Friday 27th)  | US 14.00 PST (Friday 27th)

3. Puja with reaffirmation ritual & cultural event
From India

Puja with Mitra reaffirmation ceremony
Led by Yashoratna from the Bhaja retreat centre shrine room

Followed by an Indian classical music concert
Hosted by Amritasiddhi from Nagaloka, Nagpur
Bhante Sangharakshita emphasised the importance of the arts in helping us to directly experience truth and beauty. Prabhakar Dhakde (violin) and Nisar Khan (sitar) will kindly perform together to help us celebrate this festival of light.

Australia 15.30 AEST + 16.30 AEDT | New Zealand 18.30 | India 11.00 | Europe 06.30 CET | IE & UK 05.30 | US 00.30 EST | Mexico 23.30 (Friday 27th) | US 21.30 PST (Friday 27th)

4. Meditation: Metta Bhavana (loving-kindness)
Led by Abhayadana, at Nagaloka, Nagpur, India

Abhaydana was ordained in 2008 and is a member of the Indian ordination team. She has also been closely involved in Triratna’s social work, especially women’s empowerment through livelihoods and self-defence training.

Australia 17.30 AEST + 18.30 AEDT  | New Zealand 20.30 | India 13.00 | Europe 08.30 CET | IE & UK 07.30 | US 02.30 EST | Mexico 01.30 | US 21.30 PST (Friday 27th)

5. Blazing like the sun: Short talks from Gunaketu (Oslo) and Saddhajala (Krakow), plus multilingual reading from the Itivuttaka
From Mainland Europe

On the 16th birthday of what is now the Triratna Buddhist Order Sangharakshita quoted from the Itivutakka a verse which expresses the liberating force of metta, an intention and emotion so fundamental in our sangha. Here we can listen to it in several different European languages. Metta is compared to the radiance of the sun, which Gunaketu and Saddhajala will evoke in their own way in their talks.

Translation available: German and Hindi

Australia 21.00 AEST +  22.00 AEDT | New Zealand 00.00 (Sunday 29th) | India 16.30 | Europe 12.00 CET | IE & UK 11.00 | US 06.00 EST | Mexico 05.00 | US 03.00 PST

6. Sangha – A Radiating Circle of Metta (a loving-kindness meditation)
Hosted by Dharmakirti and Yashomani from Valencia, Spain

Translation available: Hindi

Australia 23.00 AEST + 00.00 AEDT  (Sunday 29th) | New Zealand 02.00 (Sunday 29th) | India 18.30 | Europe 14.00 CET | IE & UK 13.00 | US 08.00 EST | Mexico 07.00 | US 05.00 PST

7. Ritual procession of lights, then  stories and poems by Bhante about Sangha
Led by Saddhanandi from Adhisthana, UK

Saddhanandi, is the Chair of Adhisthana and was close to Bhante in the later years of his life. She will lead a ritual procession of lights from his last home, Urgyen House, through his library, and around his burial mound. She’ll conclude in the Adhisthana shrine room by sharing stories and poems by Bhante about Sangha.

Translation available: Hindi, German, Spanish

Australia 01.00 AEST + 02.00 AEDT  (Sunday 29th) | New Zealand 04.00 (Sunday 29th) | India 20.30 | Europe 16.00 CET | IE & UK 15.00 | US 10.00 EST | Mexico 09.00 | US 07.00 PST

8. Three Order Members talk about living and practicing the Dharma in other cultures; followed by breakout groups
Hosted from Dublin, Ireland

Jnanadhara (from New Zealand – living in Ireland) speaks to Sanghanath (from India – living in England), Manjupriya (from Ireland – living in Brazil), and Candraprabha (from Ireland – living in England) about the challenges and opportunities for freedom that arise from going forth from the land of one’s birth.

Translation available: German, Portuguese

Australia 02.30 AEST + 03.30 AEDT  (Sunday 29th) | New Zealand 05.30 (Sunday 29th) | India 22.00 | Europe 17.30 CET |IE & UK 16.30 | US 11.30 EST | Mexico 10.30 | US 08.30 PST

9. Three-fold Puja & reaffirmation ritual
Hosted by Mexico Buddhist Centre on behalf of the Latin America area 

Sangha day is an opportunity for all of us to reaffirm our commitment to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. In the context of a three-fold puja there will be the opportunity to ritually mark our commitment. Please have a flower ready to offer to your shrine if you are a mitra and a candle if you are a member of the Order. There will be an opportunity for general offerings as well. It will take place in Spanish and English.

Australia 06.00 AEST  + 07.00 AEDT   (Sunday 29th) | New Zealand 09.00 (Sunday 29th) | India 01.30 (Sunday 29th) | Europe 21.00 CET | IE & UK 20.00 | US 15.00 EST | Mexico 14.00 | US 12.00 PST

Leer en español

9. Puya de tres etapas y ritual de reafirmación.
Organizado por el área de Latinoamérica

El día de la Sangha es una oportunidad para que todos reafirmemos nuestro compromiso con el Buda, el Dharma y la Sangha. En el contexto de la puya de tres etapas habrá la oportunidad de reafirmar ritualmente nuestro compromiso. Como parte de este ritual, por favor ten contigo una flor , si eres mitra, o una vela si eres miembro de la Orden. Habrá la oportunidad de hacer ofrendas generales también. La ceremonia tendrá lugar desde el Centro Budista de la Ciudad de México. Se llevará a cabo en Español y en Inglés.

10. The Buddha’s light in the New World: two talks on creating sangha in Latin America
Abhayasara (Mérida, Venezuela) and Ruchiramati (Toluca, Mexico)

In these talks, we will share how Triratna is building sangha in Venezuela and Mexico despite some challenging conditions. Talks in Spanish with English translation.

Translation available: Portuguese

Australia 07.30 AEST + 08.30 AEDT  (Sunday 29th) | New Zealand 10.30 (Sunday 29th) | India 03.00 (Sunday 29th) | Europe 22.30 CET | IE & UK 21.30 | US 16.30 EST | Mexico 15.30 | US 13.30 PST

11. Sangha inspirations
Hosted by Aryadrishti, Buddhapalita, Mokshasi and Shantinayaka in North America

Living in a country divided, four friends from various nationalities explore what it means to be a light in this world.

Translation available: Spanish

Australia 10.00 AEST + 11.00 AEDT  (Sunday 29th) | New Zealand 13.00 (Sunday 29th) | India 05.30 (Sunday 29th) | Europe 01.00 CET (Sunday 29th) | IE & UK 00.00 (Sunday 29th) |  Mexico 18.00 | US 19.00 EST | US 16.00 PST

12. Sutra of Golden Light Puja & closing ritual
Hosted by Candradasa, Sravaniya, Suddhayu and Viriyalila in North America

In this season, we turn our mind to the future in light of the past year, and set our resolutions for 2021. Let’s do that together, taking our stand on the Dharma. 🙏🏼

Translation available: Spanish

Australia 11.15 AEST  + 12.15 AEDT  (Sunday 29th) | New Zealand 14.15 (Sunday 29th) | India 06.45 (Sunday 29th) | Europe 02.15 CET (Sunday 29th) | IE & UK 01.15 (Sunday 29th) | Mexico 19.15 | US 20.15 EST | US 17.15 PST


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