International Sangha Day (2020)
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This event is made possible through the generosity and work of the FutureDharma donors and team, the Triratna International Council and The Dharma Toolkit from The Buddhist Centre Online.

We hope to raise £30,000 today so that our Triratna projects can continue to light up the world. If 250 of us give £120 today, or £10 per month, then we can do it!


A Programme to Light the Way

We passed the torch around the world once more – starting at dawn in the south Pacific, ending with nightfall in the north – ringing Triratna with a blaze of light in a gorgeous online festival of Dharma. From Pune to Paris, Sheffield to Sydney, friends brought he glow of their practice, the fire of their hearts – and connected with so many of us who have seen the Buddha’s bright shining and answered its call. The world has never needed more the exemplification of generosity and friendship that is the best of our sangha.

Re-live this celebration of our deep illumined connections, and let’s set our resolve together to grow and give as a community. 🙏

1. Opening ritual and dedication ceremony: from Sudarshanaloka and Wellington in New Zealand, featuring Dhardo Rimpoche mantra, Maori chants and more

2.  How has Sangha illumined my life?: four short and personal talks from Order Members based in Oceania (Australia & New Zealand)

3. Puja, reaffirmation ceremony and concert: from Bhaja and Nagpur in India; professional classical concert by sitar, violin and tabla

4.  Metta bhavana (loving-kindness) meditation: led by Abhayadana in Nagpur, India. Includes instructions in Hindi and English

5. Blazing like the sun: talks by Saddhajala (Poland) and Gunaketu (Norway) in their native language with English translation

6. Sangha, a radiating circle of metta (loving-kindness): a meditation led by Dharmakirti in Valencia, Spain (Spanish and English)

7. Stories about Bhante (Sangharakshita) and ritual procession: hosted by Saddhanandi at Adhisthana with poems and recollections

8. Living and teaching in a new country/culture: Jnanadhara interviews three Order Members who have moved to a different culture

9. Puja and reaffirmation ceremony: hosted by Order Members at the Mexico City Buddhist Centre

10.  The Buddha’s light in the world: two talks on creating Sangha in Latin America

11. Sangha inspirations: four friends explore what it means to be a light in this world with so much need of it

12. Sutra of Golden Light puja & closing ritual: hosted by four Order Members living on the East Coast of USA