Welcome to The Sikkha Project

The aim of the Sikkha project is to help develop an integrated, progressive spiritual training in Triratna at every level of experience from newcomers to the Order, to discover and share how the different elements of our system are taught and practiced most effectively – and to create resources and training to fill any gaps.

The first iteration of the Sikkha website will soon be up and running. We are starting at the beginning by offering three introductory courses. They are based on courses from the London Buddhist Centre and the Sheffield Centre in the UK. Over time we will be gathering more teaching content from other sources and Centres to pass on the most effective Dharma teaching in Triratna, as well as presenting material to help you develop your teaching skills.

The courses present all ‘five great stages’ of Triratna’s mandala of practice in accessible and effective ways. They seem to be particularly effective in the number of people who attend them at both centres and who then go on to deeper practice. For each course there are weekly teachers notes, a short video introducing the theme for the week and a talk as it was presented during a course.

All of the course material has been revised so it can be used flexibly in different contexts. You can use or adapt the resources as appropriate to your own situation and teaching style.

Watch this space! + follow above to get updates from Sikkha when we launch new resources.

Listen to an introduction to Sikkha  |  Listen to conversations on teaching and training in the Dharma