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New Sikkha Course now online

On Fri, 5 April, 2019 - 15:16
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A second Sheffield-designed course is now available online for you to use at your centres. Called Vision and Transformation, this six-week course takes relative newcomers through the noble eightfold path through input, discussion, reflection and meditation. The course is designed to follow after the 8 week Radical Dharma course. 

Starting with an emphasis on Vision, it leads though the process of Transformation: emotion, imagination, speech, right livelihood, and effort and attention in meditation. Here you’ll find Vadanya’s introductory videos for each week along with detailed Course Notes and brief Teachers’ Guides.

All of these introductory courses have been produced to resource you with material to stimulate and support your dharma teaching. We invite you to have a look and use what is helpful in your own context. The Sikkha course material no longer requires an Order login, which we hope will make it more widely accessible for those Mitras supporting or running classes at centres or groups. 

In the coming months, the Sikkha team will be working to develop and test second phase course material for use at centres, as well as a series of Sangharakshita Classics pamphlets. Watch this space for more news about these developments. 

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Hi Dhammamegha

For Order members such as myself living away from organised and supportive Triratna centres all this resourcing the Sikkha team is doing is invaluable. I’ve just become involved with a small group of people here in Gisborne who are interested in meditation and primarily what you might call, ‘modern secular mindfulness practice’ for want of a better term, and while the group is not a ‘Triratna’ group per se, nonetheless they are responding slowly to the Dharma in the way we present it in Triratna. It’s very very early days and I am constantly concerned to not overload these people with information or to make them feel like I am expecting them to connect more fully with the Triratna tradition I am a part of. More like ‘dropping small pebbles into a pond and watching the ripples move out into their lives’, or ‘holding a fragile Nautilus shell and appreciating it’s form and structure’. 

The Sikkha material along with other gems like Subhuti’s ‘Mind in Harmony’, and Bhante’s ‘Know Your Mind’ are valuable ‘oysters’ from which I try to extract a ‘pearl or two’ for them. The group only meets for an hour and a half so after a 30 minute sit, which is what most of the people come for it doesn’t leave much time to present a theme or two and have some meaningful discussion.

So thank you for the efforts of yourself and the teams in Sheffield and other places.

kind regards


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Hi Silaratna. Its lovely to hear that you’re finding the materials useful in New Zealand. Thanks for letting us know. All the best with your group and bringing the dharma in. 

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Sargarasila and I are doing Radical Dharma at the moment and after that Maitrinara is doing Vision and Transformation down in Brixton so thanks to everyone involved for the resources!