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Invitation to Online Seminar - Meeting our Needs to meet the World’s Needs

On Fri, 17 July, 2020 - 16:50
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From Vidyamala:

Dear Friends,

I’m writing on behalf of the Sikkha Project to invite you to an online webinar: Meeting our Needs to meet the World’s Needs.

The webinar will take place on Saturday 8th August 2020, at 9:30am (BST) and then again at 5pm (BST), taking into account the needs of the different time zones. We hope people from around the world will be able to participate, and the seminar is open to anyone helping with Triratna’s work to spread the Dharma.

This webinar will offer practical mindfulness and compassion techniques to help people working within Triratna stay well and happy, whilst responding to the needs of the world.

The coronavirus crisis hit many countries several months ago and many of us were plunged into lockdown. We had to scramble to move our activities online, rapidly re-assess the finances of our Centres and cope with rapid change across multiple fronts. Many of our Centres have had to furlough team members and other team members have been ill with the coronavirus. This has inevitably placed even more pressure on teams.

There isn’t a clear end in sight for most countries (with the notable exception of New Zealand!) and we need to learn how to manage our own well-being for what looks likely to be a marathon not a sprint.

The safety announcements on aeroplanes always tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first before attending to the needs of your child. The obvious point being you will be no use to your child if you don’t attend to your own survival.

Likewise, it’s important to make sure we stay as well and healthy as possible when offering the Dharma to the world. You could say the greater the external demand, the greater the need to attend to self-care, so you are in as good a state as possible when it comes to helping others.

The webinar will be 90 minutes long and there will be three sections: Body, Mind and Heart. In the Body section we’ll introduce breath and body awareness techniques to help balance your nervous system and build resilience. In the Mind section we’ll introduce practical ways to manage thoughts and emotions in the midst of everyday pressures. In the Heart section we’ll introduce ways to bring metta, patience and kindness towards yourself and your fellow team members, as well as others of course.

Mokshajyoti will host the webinar with me. We are both experienced Breathworks teachers offering mindfulness and compassion-based approaches for everyday life, including the workplace. We have both worked in Right Livelihood contexts for many years so understand the pressures many will be feeling. Mokshajyoti is also an Alexander Technique teacher.

I hope you’ll be able to participate in the webinar on 8th August at either:

  1. 9:30am UK - 8:30pm Auckland - 10:30am Europe - 6:30pm Melbourne - 2pm Mumbai
  2. 5pm UK - 11am Mexico City - Europe 6pm - 12 noon Maine, EDT - 9am San Francisco, PDT

Please let us know if you’re going to come (so that we can have a sense of numbers) by filling in this simple form and we’ll send you the Zoom invitation for the meeting.

Yours in the Dharma,
on behalf of Sikkha.


P.S. from Vajrashura: You can now see all our previous online seminars here:

Edit - and you can now see Mokshajyoti’s video invitation to the webinar on YouTube.

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Mokshajyoti’s video invitation to the webinar is available here: