The Sikkha Project

What does the Sikkha Meditation Kula do?

On Fri, 22 January, 2021 - 16:45
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The Sikkha Project is an initiative exploring how we can better communicate, discuss and practice the Buddha’s teaching within the Triratna Buddhist Community, from newcomers to experienced Order Members.

One ‘kula’ or gathering within Sikkha is the ‘Meditation Kula’. In this video, Vijayamala, Vessantara and Vidyamala, members of the kula, discuss the work that the Kula is currently engaged in.

The full list of members of the Sikkha Meditation Kula are Vessantara, Vidyamala, Vajrashura, Dhammarati, Vijayamala, Tejananda and Jnanavaca.

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