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Alive! Aware! Awake! - Home retreat starts Friday!

On Tue, 7 July, 2020 - 17:52
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Alive! Aware! Awake!
A chance to thoroughly explore the Buddha’s teaching on mindfulness, with the Taraloka Retreat Team. 

Friday July 10 – Thursday July 16

Daily live practice sessions:
USA 11.30am PST | México 1.30pm | USA 2.30pm EST | UK & IE 7.30pm | Europe 8.30pm CET |  India 12am (following day) | Sydney 4.30am | Auckland 6.30am

Find all the retreat resources and the link to join the live sessions on the home retreat space

If you can’t attend the live sessions, you’ll find below pre-recorded meditations and talks as part of the daily retreat resources, to use in your own time.

Listen to the retreat podcast with the team at Taraloka

Get your free retreat eBook from Windhorse Publications - Living with Awareness: A Guide to the Satipatthana Sutta

What is it to be fully aware, fully alive? Mindfulness is an adventure! In these times more than ever, the Buddha’s teaching of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness gives us an essential framework for how to stay present, clear-minded, and living from our deepest values, whether we’re meditating or in the thick of our daily lives.

Take part in this online home retreat to train in the relief and ease of being in the present moment – whatever that present moment looks like. How can we taste the deep excitement of opening experientially to the nature of reality itself – available in each thought-moment – right here, right now?

Taraloka is a women’s Buddhist retreat centre, founded in 1985. Ever since, we’ve been offering a breadth and depth of retreats for all levels of experience, from intensive meditation retreats for the Order and for Ordination Training, through to newcomers weekends giving a first taste of meditation. But with Coronavirus we’ve had to shut the buildings – and go online to offer what we do to everyone across the globe. We’re still living and working as a residential community through lockdown, and all of the Taraloka team want to welcome you virtually to Taraloka for the live events – even if you can’t come in person right now!

Connect with others taking part on the Community Toolkit space!

All our classes are offered by donation. If you can, donate* to allow others who can’t afford it to access these vital Dharma resources when they need them most. Thank you!

* If donating towards the home retreat please make a note it’s for ‘Taraloka’

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