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Forces for Good - Challenging Emotions as Portals to Liberation (New Home Retreat)

On Tue, 21 February, 2023 - 16:38
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April 28 – May 4 2023

Co-Led By Balajit, Singhashri and Viveka

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What if all emotions, including those we sometimes find challenging, had something important to tell us about ourselves, others, and the world? This retreat invites us to collectively flip the script on how we may habitually relate to some emotions as more valuable than others in our process of getting to know ourselves. What if we could break out of any thinking that simply pits the “better” parts of ourselves against the “worst”?

Through a deep dive into embodied experience, moment-by-moment, we’ll uncover the potential for integrity at the heart of emotions like fear, grief, and anger. Exploring what these emotions reveal to us when allowed to be fully known and felt in awareness– before our habits of identifying with, or banishing, kick in.

Together we’ll get curious about where challenging emotions come from as parts of us–and what they might need to liberate the energy usually bound up in them. We’ll investigate how connecting with our bodies of energy can support us as we learn to relate differently to our emotions and their impact on our lives.

In these challenging times we’ll also look at working with feeling together through conflict, leaning into the promise of this as a way to move towards creating a more liberated world.

Join us for a week in May to co-create an emergent space that will include meditation, community agreements, friendship, somatic exercises, movement, reflections, small and large group discussions and enquiry, teaching input, guided practices, and creative ritual!

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