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Prajnaketu & Subhadramati - Encouraging Young People on the Path

Mon, 20 Jan, 2020 - 23:12

Here are two wonderfully passionate members of the Order talking across generations about the need to open up effective pathways of commitment for young people as they connect and engage with the possibilities in a Buddhist life. 

Subhadramati has pioneered such pathways for women for many years at the London Buddhist Centre, one of the biggest Centres in Europe. She discusses her plans for 2020 to start a women’s community in London where she and a few experienced friends will share a...

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Ordenaciones en México/Ordinations in Mexico

Fri, 10 Jan, 2020 - 21:27

Ordenaciones en México/Ordinations in Mexico

Fri, 10 Jan, 2020 - 21:27

El sábado 11 de enero, 2020, se van a llevar a cabo una transmisión en vivo de las ordenaciones de dos mitras mexicanos a las 12pm, horario de México. Se realizará la ceremonia en español en Chintamani, Morelos, México.

12pm México | 3pm Venezuela | 1pm EST | 7pm España | 6pm UK

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday, January 11, 2020, we will be live-streaming the ordination of two Mexican mitras. The live stream will...

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The picture and sound is fine. Lovely to see Cintamani and know there will soon be ordinations. Sadhu!


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Wonderful to witness this - thanks for streaming this.

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Centre Team

Back to the Future: A Review of 2019

Tue, 31 Dec, 2019 - 10:00

Back to the Future: A Review of 2019

Tue, 31 Dec, 2019 - 10:00

2019 was both a year of looking back - at our collective history, our shared values and vision - and looking forward at the kind of society we want to live in, the kind of world we want to co-create.

The year saw Triratna in that crucial space - following the death of our community’s founder, Urgyen Sangharakshita, on 30th October 2018. There was time to rejoice in our legacy, but also reflect on the more difficult aspects of our...

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TBCO Magazine Podcast #2

Mon, 23 Dec, 2019 - 16:36

From trees to tulips to teams: the second episode of TBCO ‘audio magazine’ is now online! 

It includes some of the highlights from the past six months: we hear about a land project in Hawaii, the revival of the Urgyen tulip, what’s going on ‘Down Under’, what it’s like working on an online Buddhist team and much more besides!

Listen to the first episode of the TBCO magazine podcast

Subscribe to The Buddhist Centre Online podcast:...

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I wish the links for on others podcast included Podbean. or that this page offered a direct link to the new Buddhist Voices Podcast and The Buddhist Centre Online podcast.

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Hi Tom. In the post above, if you click these links you’ll find them on Podbean: The Buddhist Centre  |  Buddhist Voices (this one has not been updated on their site correctly - we’ve written to them about it. You can listen to later episodes at Audioboom.

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Parami’s Personal Wishlist for the Next 20 Years (con traducción al espanol) - Pan-American Convention 2019

Thu, 12 Dec, 2019 - 20:33

At the 2019 Triratna Pan-American Convention in Mexico, Parami gives a strong, beautifully challenging talk about the future of the Buddhist community she has taken a leading part in since the 1970s. Taking as her framework Sangharakshita’s 1999 talk ‘Looking Ahead A Little Way’, as well as the four traditional Verses of Acceptance for Buddhist ordination within Triratna, she gives us her Top 10 Wishes for the wellbeing and flourishing of the Order and Movement around it in...

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Centre Team

Watch the Sangharakshita Anniversary Livestream Here!

Wed, 30 Oct, 2019 - 18:04

Watch the Sangharakshita Anniversary Livestream Here!

Wed, 30 Oct, 2019 - 18:04

Updated: view picture and clips on Instagram

‘Seeing Bhante - A Personal Perspective’

We will be live streaming Jnanavaca’s talk ‘Seeing Bhante - A Personal Perspective’ on Wednesday 30th October 7.30pm GMT. 

Jnanavaca reflects on the significance of Sangharakshita’s life, exactly one year after his death.

The talk will be live here as well as on the site home page, the Sangharakshita Memorial space and on our facebook page

Note: To hear the sound click unmute. If...

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Thank you Buddhist Centre Online for live streaming that. Thank you Adhisthana for hosting, and particular thanks to Jnanavaca for a very moving and inspiring talk! x Prajnagita  

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Thanks for the live stream and a very special talk. 

warm wishes from Madrid,

Nagesvara and Amalasiri

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Thank you, Jnanavaca, for a moving and truly inspiring talk. I’m very glad that you have the experience you have and have had, of Bhante Sangharakshita. And I’m pleased to hear someone else who dreams – or have dreamt – of Bhante, and has that blessed connection. I’m sure there are many of us, but many who don’t make much fuss about it or talk much about it. There were many aspects of the talk I appreciated, as well as Saddhanandi’s introduction and summing up. Holding those different aspects or sides of Bhante is somewhat a challenge, or maybe it was more a challenge before for me, but its certainly still needs doing. And appreciating those depths without loosing sight of Bhante’s more human, fallible sides.

I also enjoyed the video Remembering Sangharakshita through his friends. 

Much love, Viryabodhi 
(from the cold north, Sweden!)

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Thank you so much for a very inspiring talk Jnanavaca.

Much metta,

Sudipta (From Pune,India)

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Centre Team

Podcast - Working in an Online Team: A Buddhist Perspective

Wed, 30 Oct, 2019 - 17:31

This podcast features the Dharmachakra team - who bring you The Buddhist Centre Online website and platform, Free Buddhist Audio, podcasts like this one, event coverage, technical support and more besides!

As part of an online practice week in August some of this team gathered to talk about the Dharma and how they practice it in the context of their lives - in particular, in a busy, online ‘team-based right livelihood’, working with other Buddhists, bringing in...

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Free Buddhist Audio

Radical Dharma in Triratna - Looking Back and Ahead in Principle and Practice / Dharma radical en Triratna: mirando hacia atrás y hacia adelante en principio y práctica (con traducción al espanol)

Sun, 27 Oct, 2019 - 04:21

From the 2019 Triratna Buddhist Order Pan-American Convention in Mexico, an excellent triad of short talks looking at what it means to be radical in the context of our history as a community - and what it might mean in future.

Upekshamati, founder of much of the Triratna community’s presence in Mexico, starts us off with a précis and his personal response to Sangharakshita’s talk from 1999 - ‘Looking Ahead A Little Way’

Aryajaya picks up the theme by giving her...

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Lokeshvara sees his “8 Principles of the Order” as a work-in-progress. Here they are for easy reference in this talk. 

  1. Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels for the sake of Awakening for all beings is the definitive act of a Buddhist life.
  2. The principle focus is the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, but we draw on the whole Buddhist tradition.
  3. Open to change and adpatation, assessing new teachings in terms of the Middle Way.
  4. Providing a unified and coherent body of teachings that allows for common discussion and clarification.
  5. Open to all spiritual temperaments.
  6. Recognising the importance of the imagination, art and culture.
  7. Kalyana mitrata as the fundamental mode of communication in the Order.
  8. Creating contexts for intensity of engagement.
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Lokeshvara considera sus “8 Principios de la Orden” como un trabajo en proceso. Aquí se encuentran para fácil referencia en esta charla.

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Lokeshvara’s talk was incredible. I think that it a game-changer for many people. His exploration of the principles of Bhante’s six emphases was personal, reasonable and in a way radical. Individuals with doubts and questions about the future of the Order may find this talk very helpful and hopeful. What a wonderful Convention! This talk and the vitality, warmth, and dedication of the Mexican sangha and the time spent with my Preceptor, Sanghadevi made this a very inspiring experience. Thank you ! Viriyagita