BAM in Bristol

On Mon, 3 July, 2017 - 19:27
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sarah thorne

On Friday evening, we held a beautiful mantra evening to conclude BAM and dedicate our efforts and merits throughout the month for the benefit of all beings.

Our events during the month included a jumble sale to raise money for a local charity supporting the city’s refugees and asylum seekers, an evening exploring veganism, taking part in an Incredible Edible community food growing work party, a full moon puja dedicated to the Buddha’s vision of interconnection, an evening exploring peace and reconciliation work, and fantastic sangha night talks on engaged buddhism, Indra’s net, paganism and the dharma, and what we can learn from the Buddha’s conversations with the political leaders of his time about how to engage with the issues of ours.

It’s been an inspiring and heart opening time filled with the energy of reaching out into the vast jeweled web of interconnection and feeling the power and potential of our practice and aspirations for a better world.

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Sadhu to the Bristol sangha for planning and doing all this good work, sounds like a varied & rich set of events. I’m interested to know more about the talks on ‘engaged Buddhism’ to stimulate and perhaps expand my own practice in this field. Do you have links to share or maybe 1 or 2 things you learnt or realised from those talks Sarah?

Kind wishes from Istanbul to Bristol


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Hi Vajracaksu, the engaged Buddhism talk is here

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Thank you Jvalamalini. Just listened to Vimalavajri’s talk, “ONLY CONNECT.” Very good, clear, a breath of humane sanity. One little story that stays in my mind is the one of the Dalai Lama switching off all lights that aren’t being used!

Kind wishes