Fundraising for å book on sustainability and mindfulness from a buddhist perspective

On Wed, 4 November, 2020 - 12:40
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I am Gunaketu and I am inspired to do more to help build “a new society” - based on truthfulness and sustainability - so very much in demand these days!

After helping build the Manchester Buddhist Centre I started the Oslo Buddhistsenter in 2000 which is now a thriving little centre with 9 men and women preparing for ordination.

To help promote social and ecological sustainability I want to write a doctorial thesis and a book. It will combine six articles already published and compare them with my diary entries over 25 years. The purpose is to see what widens and what closes the gap between theory and practice.

The aim of the project is to broaden the impact of dharma in society. By obtaining a PhD I will be able to teach at the Universities with a stronger and more specific buddhist voice. By writing a book I hope to bring a buddhist voice into the public debate. By showing both the theory and my personal struggles and inspirations I want to inspire others to carry on in their struggles, and invite questions and perspectives for a general public.

To do this I need financial support over the next 18 months. Are you able to help - or do you know someone who might be interested?

You can go directly to the crowdfunding site her

Follow the project here



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