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Online meditation for the Urban Retreat 2013!

On Wed, 6 November, 2013 - 22:46
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Hi all, next week as part of the marvellous Urban Retreat on the theme of Metta (Loving Kindness) we’ll be having two online meditations focussing on that practice. The sessions will be on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th, and will last for one hour, with a 40-minute sit and 20 minutes or so at the end for discussion/questions.

The meditations will start sharply at 11am EST/ 4pm UK / 5pm Europe / 9.30pm Mumbai but we’ll be online 15 minutes before so you can arrive and say hi. Our apologies to those in the southern hemisphere who will hopefully be sleeping soundly when these meditations are happening - we’ll be bearing you in mind!

Take part on Skype by connecting with user or by Google Hangout over on Google +.

Please be aware that you need a good broadband connection to handle group video/audio, and that while you will still be able to listen in, if you’re using mobile devices (like smartphone/tablets) then group video won’t work. Much of the session will be audio only anyway!

Remember, the Urban Retreat starts Saturday! Get some great resources for your practice of loving kindness…

Hope to see you online!
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Hello! Thankyou very very much for creating this. It is immensely helpful already. I just wanted to ask a question- never having used skype before- if I join you for the skype meditation and one of my children interrupt me- will this be heard by everyone in the group? I think I can arrange something for my 5 year old (Daddy come home from work early) but babe in arms might need me and would be a little bit mortified if her burbles and possible cries were audible to everyone. Is there a setting I can use? Thanks again, Sheena
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Hi Sheena, thanks for asking! Audio is usually left off by people except whoever is leading (and only then when the bell is due) so you can just turn off your mic (mute is an easy option within Skype and Google Hangout) when we get started. That said, it’s fine if your baby makes noise in the background generally if you can’t figure it out - I’m sure everyone’s concentration could survive a few cute gurgles… :)
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Hi Candrasa,
Christine Cather here, so lovely to be practising with you and the wider sangha .Unfortunately, I will be working at 11am , wonder if the online meditation will become a podcast or other accessible resource for the evening?

Metta, and thanks so much for all you and the team’s hard work.

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Thankyou Candradasa- That is really helpful- I missed last night due to parents evening and late home partner but was thinking of you all and sending my bestest wishes- but think I will manage tomorrow. Will try and log in in good time to fiddle with settings beforehand. Thanks again, lovely that the focus has been a little on gratitude as am so delighted to be part of this. Thankyou!
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Hi Christine! Alas not, much of it happens on Skype (though a few join in on Google hangout) and it’s not primarily a teaching situation, more just a chance to sit with others (with a little guidance perhaps). When we do more constructed led meditations we’ll look into recording/broadcasting, though there is something good about it being just for those taking part too. What kind of resource would you find helpful - be good to hear as we’ve been looking at what sort of online teaching around meditation would be good to prioritise. Nice to see you here! :)
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Ps. Christine, have you seen we are podcasting our morning conversations about meditation and metta? Sort of related!
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Thankyou and lovely to sort of meet you all. Candradasa- sorry about Sean when we were setting up- he didnt know I was skypeing yet and did his mock gruff lancastrian voice- which is only funny if you know his usual gentle soft lancastrian voice. I imagine it couldve been a bit jarring, and thankyou for your patience as I worked out skype. Funny not to see you- I tried to imagine a tiny little bit how it might be for Helen from Manchester Buddhist centre who is deaf and blind- another retreatant posted about her so was holding her in my thoughts. Hopefully meet you all again in Skypeland. Thankyou.
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Thanks, Sheena! It was great to meet you and the bairns - and Sean was funny, so no worries on that front! Glad to hear you could empathise through the tech difficulty - and hope we’ll all get to sit together through the online meditators group when all this is over!