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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabytes: Seeing The Big Picture

By Centre Team on Mon, 2 Oct, 2023 - 11:00

How do you get used to being Enlightened? What happened to the Buddha in the weeks after his breakthrough experience? Kamalashila explores these questions in two ways - using the framework of the Western Buddhist Order’s system of meditation to shed light on the process that unfolded in the Bodhisattva’s mind and body as Enlightenment dawned; and connecting us imaginatively with the symbolism and image of Muchalinda, the great serpent, coiling his body protectively round the meditating Buddha.


Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

FBA Podcast: Exploring Insight - Sadhana and the Goal of Life

By Zac on Sat, 20 May, 2023 - 06:00

Maitreyabandhu explores the path to insight in the context of Triratna’s system of practice. He does this by exploring the three myths of self-development, self-surrender and self-discovery, as well as spiritual death and spiritual rebirth in the dharma life. Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2019.


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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Being in Connection with Other Beings

By Sadayasihi on Mon, 15 Nov, 2021 - 06:00

Parami touches on aspects of Sangharakshita’s ‘system of meditation’, and most specifically the area of positive emotion. Parami is an ideal guide for this sort of material, steeped as she is in study and practice engaged within the light of the ‘Bodhichitta’, and the Bodhisattva Ideal itself.

From the talk entitled The Awakening Heart given at Taraloka Buddhist Centre, 2006.


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The Community Toolkit for Uncertain Times

Meditating in the Mandala (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 29)

By Centre Team on Sat, 6 Jun, 2020 - 21:06

To mark our latest Home Retreat, led by Tejananda, an excellent conversation and primer on meditation from a body-focussed perspective. 

Tejananda’s key image is of the dynamic mandala. Dharma practice is itself dynamic and transformative. And the transformation lies in gradually discovering how both we and the world are not at all what we originally supposed! Seeing this, we can begin to uproot the causes of suffering in our own experience.

This approach to practice is centred on the living energy of...

The Sikkha Project
The Sikkha Project

Sikkha - Teaching and Training in the Dharma

By dhammamegha on Thu, 28 Jun, 2018 - 18:11

A set of conversations from a small, first gathering in 2017 of Dharma teachers in the Triratna Buddhist Community to discuss the Sikkha Project, looking at Dharma training throughout Triratna.

Some intriguing conversations about first steps and next stages in helping resource Dharma practitioners internationally. Watch this space!

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: The Importance of Intention

By Sadayasihi on Wed, 30 May, 2018 - 16:11

This Dharmabyte podcast is delivered by Subhuti entitled ‘The Importance of Intention In the Stage of Positive Emotion’. This excerpt from the talk of the same name was given during a retreat on the system of meditation.

Subhuti emphasises the importance of intention in the metta bhavana; it is not a practice about feeling good, but transforming our responses; a karmic action which then has a result of feeling happier and more positive.


Buddhist Centre Features
Buddhist Centre Features

Spiritual Receptivity Retreat With Vessantara (Adhisthana 2017) - Complete Retreat Recordings

By akasajoti on Mon, 30 Oct, 2017 - 14:21

In August 2017 at Adhisthana, Vessantara continued his exploration of our mandala of spiritual practice with a second, deeper look at Spiritual Receptivity. This retreat focused on Just Sitting, a practice in which we’re open to the whole of our experience which forms a vital balance to structured practice, and is also the centre of the meditative mandala, where everything culminates in an experience which Sangharakshita describes as ‘existential relaxation’.

In this series of sessions, Vessantara weaves input around guided...

Triratna Resources
Triratna Resources

System of Meditation - Ideas for Communicating at All Levels of Practice

By mokshini on Tue, 29 Nov, 2016 - 14:55

I compiled this summary of how Triratna’s System of Practice might be communicated both at different levels of experience, and using the CAPS tool: different learning styles - Concepts/Attitudes/Practices & Symbols and Stories 

Triratna Resources
Triratna Resources

System of Meditation

By mokshini on Mon, 21 Nov, 2016 - 09:12

The Triratna ‘System of Meditation’

A System of Meditation (Sangharakshita) - this is a link to Sangharakshita’s 1978 classic talk introducing the then FWBO’s system of meditation.

The attached files are Cittapala’s booklet on The System of Meditation entitled: 

A System of Meditation – Revisited (Cittapala)

This material, compiled by Cittapala, contains essential teachings by Sangharakshita on meditation. Besides the original lecture ‘A System of Meditation’ it includes a rich selection of seminar extracts and other teachings by Sangharakshita.