Triratna International Council
Triratna International Council

Aryajaya - Sangharakshita’s First Connection with His Teachers and Receiving Practices (Triratna International Council 2019)

By Free Buddhist Audio on Tue, 3 Sep, 2019 - 23:36

The second in a series of talks from the 2019 Triratna International Council. This year’s theme is major elements from the Dharma biography of Sangharakshita, Triratna’s founder, which are of wider relevance to anyone endeavouring to lead a Buddhist life. 

Aryajaya explores Sangharakshita’s relationship to his teachers, who form the lineage for the Triratna Buddhist Order. A lovely exploration of the experience of relationship to the Bodhisattvas of Buddhist tradition via meditations passed from teacher to disciple, evoking a wide open sense...

Buddhist Centre Features
Buddhist Centre Features

International Men's Order Convention 2016 - Sadhanas and Study with Vishvapani and Lokabandhu

By sanghadhara on Tue, 16 Aug, 2016 - 22:47

At Adhisthana, Vishvapani and Lokabandhu share some of the highlights of this years Order Convention in interview with Sanghadhara. Touching on the sadhana practices lead, study groups and their general experience of this large gathering.

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Buddhist Centre Features
Buddhist Centre Features

Introducing the March 2016 Preceptors' College Meeting

By Candradasa on Thu, 10 Mar, 2016 - 19:02

Starting our coverage of the spring meeting of the Triratna Preceptors’ College - the group of experienced Buddhists who oversee ordinations worldwide into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

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We hear from Saddhaloka - Chair of the College - on plans for ordination courses as the Order passes the landmark of having 2000 active members.

We also hear from Ratnadharini and Parambandhu, two of the deputy Chairs, on...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

FBA Podcast: Yidams

By Rijupatha on Wed, 22 Jul, 2015 - 13:57

This week’s FBA Podcast, “Yidams” is a talk given at Sheffield Buddhist Centre in 2007 by Padmavajra. As we approach the full moon of July, Buddhists around the world will be celebrating Dharma Day, the marking of the Buddha’s first teaching. We decided to fast forward several hundred years after the Buddha’s lifetime to introduce a host of Bodhisattva’s who emerged to help spread the Dharma throughout the world. Beginning with this full talk, we will...