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Jobs, Volunteering & Communities

Are you FutureDharma's next Fundraising and Communications Director?

By Amalavajra on Sat, 8 Oct, 2022 - 09:00

Are you an inspired and engaged Order Member or TFO Mitra with the fundraising, sales or marketing experience to lead our income-generation?

Do you want to use your skills and experience to help spread the Dharma around the world and help Triratna sanghas to develop?

You’ll manage a very effective fundraising and communications team, develop major donor relationships, and contribute to Triratna’s international strategy as a member of our Directors’ Team. You’ll also participate in a rich context for spiritual development through the...

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Future Dharma Renewed! (The Buddhist Centre Podcast, Episode 423)

By Candradasa on Sun, 17 Oct, 2021 - 23:59

A full Dharma life: you can come to it from anywhere, and it will lead you in unimagined ways… From the investment banking hothouses of the City of London, to visionary experiences in a field with Green Tara and the Chemical Brothers at the Glastonbury Festival, here are stories told by a team of people dedicating their work to setting up conditions for a future where the great hope of the Buddhist path is available to all.


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The Community Toolkit for Uncertain Times

The Money Issue (The Dharma Toolkit Daily, Episode 13)

By Centre Team on Thu, 9 Apr, 2020 - 22:54

Communities of all kinds all over the world have been facing up to the huge economic impact of Covid-19 and the ongoing lockdown. In the Triratna Buddhist Community this has meant financial stress at Buddhist Centres and an urgent need for help navigating the next few months, which will be crucial to the survival of many Centres, large and small.

Enter our two guests! Amalavajra and Danayutta are two former investment bankers, now working hard with Future Dharma Fund to...


Supporter Care Manager with complementary role/s

By Nandavajra on Fri, 20 Apr, 2018 - 10:28

FutureDharma Fund - pass it on

Would you like to help many more people around the world to transform their minds and lives?

Supporter Care Manager with complementary role/s (Systems Manager, Bookkeeper or Secretary)

We need robust and efficient systems to keep track of supporters’ gifts, and ongoing communication with supporters to thank and engage them further.

The core element of this role is Supporter Care Manager, ideally in combination with two smaller additional roles described below depending on your aptitude, interest and experience:

  • Supporter care: communication with our supporters
  • ...