Future Dharma Renewed! (The Buddhist Centre Podcast, Episode 423)

On Sun, 17 October, 2021 - 23:59
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A full Dharma life: you can come to it from anywhere, and it will lead you in unimagined ways… From the investment banking hothouses of the City of London, to visionary experiences in a field with Green Tara and the Chemical Brothers at the Glastonbury Festival, here are stories told by a team of people dedicating their work to setting up conditions for a future where the great hope of the Buddhist path is available to all.

We hear why connecting across cultures and geographies is a practice of love and trust that’s worth making your life’s work, dissolving isolation and loneliness one connection at a time. If you think you know what fundraising is or who FutureDharma are—think again! This is how we really change the world: story by story, person by person. And a myriad of inspiring projects are born to renew the heart of a community.

This is One World. Together we are One Sangha.

Will you give £50 so that our International Sangha can keep reaching out to more people than ever before?

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