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The Money Issue (The Dharma Toolkit Daily, Episode 13)

On Thu, 9 April, 2020 - 22:54
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Centre Team

Communities of all kinds all over the world have been facing up to the huge economic impact of Covid-19 and the ongoing lockdown. In the Triratna Buddhist Community this has meant financial stress at Buddhist Centres and an urgent need for help navigating the next few months, which will be crucial to the survival of many Centres, large and small.

Enter our two guests! Amalavajra and Danayutta are two former investment bankers, now working hard with Future Dharma Fund to support Buddhist communities in their hour of need. While offering immediate support to folk looking to weather the storm, their message to everyone is about moving towards a bold sense of responsibility when it comes to fundraising - one that is confident and clear about giving people the opportunity to help out and protect valued services. Both in a time of crisis, and in the years ahead. 

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Dear Chandradasa, Amalavajra, and Danayutta

Here in Oxford, UK, we’re in a slightly different position to many Buddhist Centres. We have no mortgage, no staffing costs, and our room hire charges have been suspended. There are minor costs but our cashflow is strong enough to deal with these for about 3-4 years in current conditions.

I’m keen that we fundraise for Regular donations/giving. We have seen a drop in this over the past year or so. I’d also like to fundraise to create a bursary fund of some kind or a fund to support anyone struggling financially at this time. My main reason for writing here, though, is that with our cashflow being ‘safe’, we’d actually like to fundraise for other situations that are less safe/more precarious. I’d like some guidance on this. There are charities/endeavours in Triratna that have no sangha from which to draw on, like a town/city centre. We’d like to assist them or anyone else in Triratna at this time. What I have in mind is dedicating a number of our classes to each ‘cause’ and asking for dana on their behalf. We won’t be talking huge amounts but every little bit can help, of that I’m very aware.

At present we’ve continued our main weekly class, using Zoom and posting the recording to our private Facebook group. We’ve a paypal account ( triratna if you wish to donate) through which people can give immediately, no matter where in the world they are (we’re a somewhat international sangha, reflecting Oxford’s particular population flow).

Okay, please get in touch. My number is in the Order address book. I’m meeting with our Mgmt. Team on Monday 13th April and would like to bring some ideas to them. Please get in touch.

Warm wishes


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Hi Padmakumara, 

Wonderful news about Oxford. And what an inspiring idea. I’ll definitely be in touch by email.



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Hi Padmakumara,

I’ve just seen this comment - I’m only just getting round to hearing the podcast now! 

It’s fantastic to hear of your situation in Oxford. I’d love to hear more about your ideas and link up with you - you may have heard from Prajnaketu that I am in a new role with Future Dharma helping Sanghas fundraise. (Join us here!)

Be great to hear what you came up with yesterday - I’ll email you!

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Here is the podcast as a mp3 file for direct download.