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Fifty Years, Fifty Voices
Fifty Years, Fifty Voices

50 Years, 50 Voices - Aryavacin y Manjugita

By sanghadhara on Mon, 15 Oct, 2018 - 20:46

I’m men’s Mitra Convenor in Nottingham, very actively involved with the Venezuelan Sangha and exploring William Blake’s legacy…


…and I fell in love with the Order.

Track titles in English
01 Manjugita reading one of her poems ‘The Mirror’ (El Espejo) - the metaphors she delights in
02 Our ordinations – the impact on Sangha in Mexico and on Venezuelans
03 Our Order names – the meaning given at ordination, how we responded at the time, how...

Fifty Years, Fifty Voices
Fifty Years, Fifty Voices

50 Years, 50 Voices: Amarapushpa and Chandrasiddhi

By Satyalila on Thu, 10 May, 2018 - 15:00

I had been looking for so long.  And then I saw my first woman Order Member. And that was like the ‘fourth sight’… that inspired me to go for refuge.

It’s not something that has to do with ideas and concepts… It’s about more practical wholeness, with your heart.

N.B. En español e inglés / in English and Spanish

Amarapushpa’s Annals

In 1968 I was 15 and living in a very turbulent USA just...

Triratna International Council
Triratna International Council

Jnanadakini, Vajranatha y Viryakirti y en el Consejo Internacional 2016

By jnanadakini on Sat, 6 Aug, 2016 - 23:23

Jnanadakini, Vajranatha y Viryakirti comparten sus experiencias come delegados en el Consejo Internacional por parte de Espana y America Latina.

Consejo Internacional 2016

The Urban Retreat 2015 - November 21-28
The Urban Retreat 2015 - November 21-28

El Gran Mandala - en Español

By mokshini on Thu, 29 Oct, 2015 - 19:19

Introducción - ‘El Gran Mándala’ - de Sangharakshita.

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Community Highlights
Community Highlights

India Boo # 8 - Boo Español!

By Candradasa on Fri, 22 Feb, 2013 - 04:47
Parami entrevista a Saddhajoti (Mexico), Vajranatha (España) y Dharmakirti (España-Argentina) sobre su experiencia de la reunión del Consejo Internacional de la Orden Triratna, que tuvo lugar en Nagaloka, Nagpur.

Nos comporten su entusiasmo por la Orden y el gusto de haber participado en la communidad espiritual que formó el grupo de los delgadas que asistieron a la reunión.