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Community Highlights

Munisha Introducing the Urban Retreat - Via Bach and Poetry...

By Candradasa on Mon, 23 Nov, 2015 - 17:47

If you haven’t joined in with the Urban Retreat online, there’s still time! Already a wonderful, inspiring event - some great retreat teaching (only the introductory posts are visible if you aren’t taking part), and the chance to witness moving practice going on around the world…

Here’s Munisha’s lovely introduction from the Stockholm sangha in Sweden.

The music is “Erbarme Dich”, from the St Matthew Passion by JS Bach, with mezzo soprano Janet Baker. The poem is ‘A High Blue Day...

Community Highlights
Community Highlights

The London Buddhist, No. 2 - The 'Views' Issue

The London Buddhist, No. 2 - The 'Views' Issue

By Candradasa on Tue, 2 Dec, 2014 - 17:00The spring 2015 issue of the London Buddhist Centre’s new combined magazine and program is out now. It’s got some great, in-depth articles about why ‘views’ matter in a Buddhist life…

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Views Matter
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