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The London Buddhist, No. 2 - The 'Views' Issue

On Tue, 2 December, 2014 - 17:00
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The spring 2015 issue of the London Buddhist Centre’s new combined magazine and program is out now. It’s got some great, in-depth articles about why ‘views’ matter in a Buddhist life…

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Views Matter
2 Editorial
3 The Religion of the Elite - Manjusiha on neoliberalism and inequality
9 The Hum of Truth - Kusalasara tells us why she joined the Triratna Buddhist Order
10 Marvelling and Weeping - Discovering Bach, by Vishvantara
13 A Buddhist’s Bookshelf - An interview with Maitreyabandhu
17 ‘Fictions’ - Ollie Brock asks about purpose in a new history of our species

+ The LBC program for spring 2015!
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